High-ranking proven sires are in vogue! But offering sires without faults has always been our goal at Select Sires. The August 2023 sire summary once again revealed that your cooperative is providing outstanding proven genetics! With superior results that include high fertility, great health, productive yield, and elite type traits Select Sires’ genetic lineups are truly exciting. The eight new Holstein and six new Jersey sires are built on a base of successful Select Sires genetics. We continue to create outstanding programs around cow families and sire lines that have succeeded globally over the years for our customer-owner’s dairies.
Seeing is believing! All conception data, whether from our in-house evaluations or industry reports, shows the same results so you can be rest assured the product your customers buy is a complete package of highly-fertile, superior genetics. We believe in making pregnancies because genetic progress begins with conception! Our aim is to simplify your customer’s genetic development puzzle with the superior brands that Select Sires represents. We strive to bring them long-term success!

7HO14992 Mr Homestead SSI LEMUEL-ET
250HO14134 RENEGADE x (GP-83) 7HO12898 SUPERSPRING x (GP-82-VG-MS-DOM) Josuper x (VG-88-VG-MS-GMD-DOM) 7HO11314 MOGUL
– RENEGADE’s top daughter-proven son for Milk and Protein (+1,996 PTAM, +78 Protein)
– Ranks well on health and wellness indexes (+1,110 DWP$®, +940 HHP$™) while improving lameness challenges (104 Lameness)
– Hails from one of the top cow families involved in the ART™ program

Plain-Knoll Mogul Mariah
Third dam of LEMUEL

7HO15132 Cherrypencol MOSCOW-ET
7HO14229 TAHITI x (VG-85-VG-MS) 7HO13250 JEDI x (VG-87-VG-MS-DOM) Commander x (VG-87-VG-MS) Numero Uno
– Ranks among Select Sires’ top 10 for DWP$ (+1,080) and tops the charts for PL (+6.7)
– Powerhouse production (+1,253 PTAM) with solid components (+118 CFP) and A2A2
– Excellent sire fertility (+1.6 SCR)

Cherry-Acres Jedi Lauri-ET (VG-85-VG-MS)

7HO15197 Aurora MAGELLAN-ET
14HO14129 BASIC x (VG-85-VG-MS) 7HO12903 MAGEE x (VG-85-VG-MS) Delta x (GP-81) 7HO11618 PLATINUM
– One of only four sires at Select Sires offering more than +1,500 PTAM and +1.50 UDC
– Elite semen fertility (+1.2 SCR)
– He’s quickly earning the stamp of customer satisfaction: appealing linear profile, strong production, favorable rank on health indexes and A2A2

7HO15204 Fly-Higher MELLENCAMP-ET
RENEGADE x (GP-82) 7HO12897 SAMURI x (EX-90-EX-MS) Supershot x (VG-86-VG-MS) MOGUL
– No-holes linear profile, attractive to even the most discriminating breeders
– Ideal caseins (A2A2 and BB)
– High component sire (+125 CFP) to complement 7HO12788 FRAZZLED daughters and granddaughters

Edg Mace Mogul Maddi (VG-86-VG-MS)
Third dam of MELLENCAMP

7HO15238 Welcome TAFFOU 4114-ET
14HO14220 RIVETING x (VG-85-VG-MS-GMD) 7HO12600 MODESTY x (VG-85-VG-MS-GMD) 7HO12105 REFLECTOR x (EX-90-VG-MS-GMD) Airnet
– High component sire with +0.14% Fat and +0.09% Protein
– Sires long-lasting, healthy daughters with leading evaluations for PL, LIV, DPR, Fertility Index, and Mastitis Resistance
– A2A2 milk from beautiful mammary systems (+1.51 UDC)

Welcome Modesty Taffou-ET

14HO15154 T-Spruce Renegad BIGSHOT-ET
RENEGADE x (GP-80) 7HO12788 FRAZZLED x (VG-86-VG-MS-DOM) Ahead x (VG-85-VG-MS) 7HO10849 SHAMROCK
– Index superstar: +2964 GTPI®, +1,076 HHP$, +1,066 DWP$, +1,001 CM$
– Valuable component production (+152 CFP) combined with tremendous female fertility (+2.1 CCR and +2.1 HCR)
– Ideal mating for 7HO15167 GAMEDAY bloodlines

S-S-I VF BSH 12427 60755-ET
Victory Farms, Milbank, SD

250HO15156 Larcrest CAPTIVATING-ET
RIVETING x (VG-88-VG-MS) Hotline x (VG-87-VG-MS) Octoberfest x (VG-85-VG-MS-DOM) 7HO11547 SHAN
– The perfect balance of profitable production (+1,217 PTAM, +134 CFP) with functional type traits
– Strong, wide and dairy with good health traits
– Modern-day mastitis resistance for built-in longevity

250HO15211 Hilmar-D Riveting CAVIAR-ET
RIVETING x (VG-88-VG-MS) Imax x (EX-91-EX-MS) Delta x (VG-88-VG-MS-GMD-DOM) 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE
– Sire stack that offers genetic variety
– Elite Type never goes out of style (+1.88 PTAT, +1.87 UDC)
– A2A2 and +134 CFP

Hilmar-D Imax 14077-ET (VG-88-VG-MS)


7JE1816 Rowleys 1996 Daniel TUCKER {6}-ET
14JE1683 JX DANIEL {6} x (VG-87%) JX World Cup {4} x 7JE1254 JX JAMMER {4} x (VG-88%) Rubex
– Sires beautiful mammary systems with +12.0 JUI™ and balanced production with great PL (+6.0)
– Well-attached fore udders (+1.70) and high rear udder attachments with deep Udder Cleft (+1.30)
– A2A2 and BB

Left: JX Victory 56609 Tucker 61765 {5}-ET (VG-86%), Victory Farms LLC, Revillo, SD
Center: JX S-S-I Victory Tucker 61750 {6}-P-ET (VG-81%)
Right:TUCKER {6} Daughters, Victory Farms LLC, Revillo, SD

7JE1800 S-S-I Victory Dashiell RENFROW-ET
7JE1722 JX DASHIELL {6} x Listowel-P x (VG-85%) 7JE1375 CHISEL x (E-90%) Dazzler
– Sires strong cattle with ultra dairy frames (+1.40 Strength)
– Elite components with positive percent Fat and Protein (+119 CFP, +0.23% Fat, +0.10% Protein)
– A2A2 and BB

Left: Victory 56085 Renfrow 61184 {5} (VG-84%), Victory Farms LLC, Revillo, SD
Right: Avi-Lanche Renfrow Sabra 33406 (VG-84%), Richard and Jennifer M. Avila, Dalhart, TX

Craze x (E-93%) Excitation x (E-93%) Verbatim x (E-93%) Tequila
– Hails from a proven show-winning dam: River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET (E-93%)
– Powerful mastitis resistance with positive daughter fertility and valuable calf health traits (+48 CW$™)
– Fancy type with elite JUI (+1.7 PTAT, +16.7 JUI)

Rollingriver Pickles, John and Tiffany Hartman, Milladore, WI

7JE1814 Avi-Lanche Kiawa DIMITRI-P-ET
7JE1617 JX KIAWA {6}-P x JX Got Maid {5} x (E-92%) JX Commissioner {4} x (VG-86%) JX Milton {4}
– Big-time JUI combined with production and positive percent Fat and Protein (+13.2 JUI, +527 PTAM, +0.21% Fat, +0.09% Protein)
– Moderate SCS (2.82) with elite mastitis resistance (109 ZMAST) and super calf health traits (+97 CW$)
– Breed-leading +1,001 DWP$, +136 GJPI™, A2A2 and BB

Left: JX S-S-I Victory Dimitri 61325 {6}-ET (VG-81%)
Right: JX Primus Dimitri 24105 {5}-ET, Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc., Hilmar, CA

14JE1810 Jer-Z-Boyz BULWURX-P-ET
JX KIAWA {6}-P x (VG-82%) Mackenzie x (VG-85%) Premium {6} x (VG-80%) Answer
– Huge Fat (+0.27% Fat) with awesome JUI (+15.6)
– Strong fore udders with high and wide rear udders
– A2A2 and BB

Jer-Z-Boyz Mackenzie 57164 (VG-82%)

Source: 08/23 CDCB Genomic Evaluation, AJCA/HA Type Evaluation %Rel: LEMUEL Yield 91, Z LAME 53; MOSCOW PL 83, Yield 93, SCR 96; MAGELLAN Yield 95, PTAT 90, SCR 98; MELLENCAMP Yield 92; TAFFOU Yield 91, PTAT 86; BIGSHOT Yield 90, CCR 80, HCR 90; CAPTIVATING Yield 94; CAVIAR PTAT 85, Yield 89, TUCKER {6} PL 75, PTAT 85; RENFROW PTAT 91, Yield 94; RECKLESS PTAT 85; DIMITRI-P Yield 95, PTAT 89, SCS 90, Z MAST 50; BULWURX-P Yield 90, PTAT 84; CANDYMAN Yield 93, PTAT 90. All Jerseys sires are JH1F, JNSF and BBR 100, except DIMITRI-P is JH1C and RENFROW, BULWURX-P and CANDYMAN are JNSC. 7=Select Sires; 14=Accelerated Genetics; 250=GenerVations
™gender SELECTED, ART, Herd Health Profit Dollars and HHP$ are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. Jersey Udder Index (JUI) and Jersey Performance Index (JPI) are trademarks of the American Jersey Cattle Association. CW$ is a trademark of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. ®FeedPRO, RobotPRO, GrazingPRO, Mastitis ResistantPRO, FertilityPRO, Showcase and Your Success Our Passion. are registered trademarks of Select Sires Inc. TPI is a registered trademark of Holstein Association USA. Dairy Wellness Profit Index (DWP$), Wellness Trait Index and WT$ are registered trademarks of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. All gender SELECTED semen is processed with Ultraplus™ technology. Ultraplus is a trademark of STGen LLC. Limitations and Conditions of Sale: gender SELECTED semen shall be used only for the single insemination of one female bovine during natural ovulation with the intent to produce a single offspring unless specifically approved on an individual customer basis by Sexing Technologies in writing. As a condition of purchasing gender SELECTED, the purchaser agrees that gender SELECTED semen will not be reverse sorted or re-sorted unless specifically permitted, in advance, on a case-by-case basis by Select Sires in writing. Select Sires intends to monitor the use of the gender SELECTED semen and vigorously enforce these restrictions on use. Please see http://www.selectsires.com/designations/genderselected.html or https://www.accelgen.com/dairy/profit-tools.aspx for additional details.

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