All West’s Brad Barham comments regarding our very strong and diverse Jersey lineup:

7JE Lineup – PROVEN

7JE5004 CHROME – Jumped up in proven rankings to #3 overall for JPI at 193 and bounced up to 2.6 on type with a large amount of added daughter data. Looks unbelievably good!

7JE1331 VARICK – Continues to creep up and looks great across the board for numbers, pedigree, and proven bull rank

• *NEW* 7JE1477 JX SAINT {4} – Combines great CFP with positive DPR. A very difficult task in today’s market


7JE1528 DISCO – Continues to shine with breed elite SEXED fertility and health traits. Increases in PL, DPR, and a decrease in SCS continues to make him a must-use

7JE5069 CHEDDAR – A bull we continue to miss some due to a lower JUI. That being said, for herds focused solely on CFP or herds that use SMS this bull would be an outcross breed leading CFP. No brackets here and 187 GJPI. . .our #1 Registered Cheese Merit bull at 660.

7JE1606 JX SHOCK – 5.0 SCR with 155 CFP should make him a perfect fit for the same customers that loved 7JE1503 RONALDINHO {3}

• AVON SONS – 7JE1600 JX FOURNETTE {3}, 7JE1569 JX AVON KLAY {3}-P, 7JE1570 JX STEPH {3}-P, 7JE1565 JX PECOS {3} – While Avon himself dropped on overall JPI and these bulls did too, we need to remember that they still provide elite milk and CFP with good DPR and JUI. These bulls have worked well on conception both Sexed and Conventional for our customers and should be mainstays in our programs.

7JE1628 AMP – No bracket bull with unique pedigree really improves DPR (2.7) without sacrificing CFP (94). Great on his initial SCR or 2.7 and looks good on Sexed fertility too.

7JE1577 MOONBEAM – Elite sexed and conventional fertility from a bull that has great udders (21.6), good production, and low SCS (2.81) easy to use for customer satisfaction.

• *NEW* 507JE1620 JX ALBION {3} – A late, but unique Avon son from the emphasis Anthem cow family. Elite SEXED fertility bull with +1.5 DPR and 33 JUI should make the customer satisfaction kind for us.

• *NEW* 7JE1638 RESPECT – An incredible combination of elite type (2.4), JUI (29.5) and low SCS (2.70). All of this with over 105 CFP and no brackets in his pedigree for some customers that are tuning into that.

14JE Lineup – PROVEN

• *NEW* 14JE704 JX CALVIN {4} – Calvin debuts in the top 10 for GJPI and presents a pleasing no-holes profile with great production

14JE673 JX AVON {2} – Went down to 168 GJPI from 187 but still brings lots of milk (1721) to the table with elite udder quality – JUI (29.2), SCS (2.78)

14JE648 JX LEONEL {3} – Similar to Avon is JPI drop, but presents incredible dairy strength with good udders and is one of our greatest fertility bulls for both SEXED and Conventional.

14JE670 LEMONHEAD – I’ve yet to run into a dairy that doesn’t LOVE their lemonhead daughters. Great production, reproduction, low SCS, and good type should make him a perfect bull to add to any herd!


14JE760 KINGSTON – One of the best looking non-bracket bulls available from any stud. Elite pedigree, CFP, and has good initial SEXED fertility

14JE769 JX STONEY {3} – Incredibly unique CFP with increases in fat and protein % too. Love the proven cow family on his maternal side and he has some awesome SEXED fertility

• *NEW* 614JE1658 JX DANCER {3} – A late AVON son from the same maternal line as DISCO! He brings the perfect combination of maternal health traits with Avon’s production. Love this new SEXED ONLY bull

• *NEW* 14JE1680 JX DIGGER {3} – Breed leading health traits with 24 JUI from this new A2A2 sire. He should fit in well to make customers satisfied.

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