14AN426 Charlo

“My 14AN426 CHARLO son has been getting it done with no creep or supplement. CHARLO has worked so well for us. The daughters are exceptional. They have raised big calves, maintain their flesh, breed back early and have superior udder quality.” – Bailey Johnson, Johnson-Rose Angus Ranch, Okla.

7AN466 Rainfall

“I stopped by Square B Ranch in Missouri. The 7AN466 RAINFALL calves are very high quality, moderate-framed, offer tons of muscle expression and base width. They are attractive and structurally correct, and will have more performance and better disposition than 14AN426 CHARLO. I’m anxious to get data turned in this fall and see where he lands. The 7AN467 SUPERCHARGER‘s were younger, but are attractive, long-fronted, straight-lined and were performing well. The 7AN402 RECHARGE’s looked very good in the fall group. 7AN475 CONVICTION was there and looks awesome. For customers following the Hoover No Doubt trend and want phenotype, CONVICTION should be a consideration. We should have a mature photo of him this fall.” – Lorna Marshall, Select Sires Inc.

7AN463 Playbook

“Joe Myers and I had the opportunity to visit Deer Valley Farms last Friday. Here are a few thoughts on the newer sire groups:
7AN463 PLAYBOOK – Excellent sire group. They are moderate and thick with lots of body. He is going to add tremendous phenotype and doability to his progeny. He will be a great mating on 14ANT377 TEN X-influenced females. Expect PLAYBOOK to stay popular.

7AN464 Unique

7AN464 UNIQUE – I love them! They are a very consistent sire group, more moderate framed than 7AN349 WEIGH UP’s. They are mostly mid-to-high five frame score. All the calves were well above-average for body depth, fleshing ability, with above-average bone and structure. He is going to be a big-time cowmaker. He is getting re-positioned for the fall and will be a great commercial option, stay tuned for details.


7AN461 TESTAMENT – DVF only had a few of them, but they were very complete, nice patterned with lots of growth.


14AN515 BALANCE – We saw two full sisters in production and a full sister, heifer calf. The sisters in production both had big calves at their side and they remained in good shape with very nice udder quality. The heifer calf is probably one of the nicest spring born calves at DVF, she is awesome and will be featured in the Diamond Selections Sale this fall. Super attractive, big-ribbed, lots of base width and expression!


7AN418 PATRIOT – DVF has daughters in production. They are very nice, feminine females with nice rib shape and awesome udder quality. They are very productive females!


7AN394 TRACTION – TRACTION’s daughters are also doing a nice job. They are stout, deep-bodied females with added bone and muscle and are raising a high performance set of calves. DVF continues to use him to make daughters!” – Lorna Marshall, Select Sires Inc.

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