Following the April sire summary, Select Sires graduated new proven sires in every major dairy breed to strengthen the breed-leading high-components breeds lineups.


New Showcase Selections Addition

7BS861 GPS, a 7BS796 SUPREME son, comes from a deep, show-winning family. More than 23 All-American nominations can be traced back to his grandam, Bo Joy Emory Gretchen “2E93 2E93MS” while his dam is one of eight Excellent full sisters. A Showcase Selections™ sire, he also excels for Livability (LIV) (+2.7), Heifer Conception Rate (HCR) (+1.0) and Cow Conception Rate (CCR) (+1.1). Order today, GPS has limited semen available.

Select’s proven Brown Swiss sires remain leaders for SCR with four in the top 10:

7BS852 BOSEPHUS (+3.4)

7BS826 AUGUST (+3.3)

7BS863 SEAMAN (+1.2)

7BS854 BUSH (+1.2).


BUSH remains the breed leader for Udder Composite (UDC) at +1.68, BOSEPHUS and SEAMAN are tied for second for Type at +1.3 and AUGUST (+0.6), SEAMAN (+0.5), BOSEPHUS (+0.5) and 7BS866 DAMIAN (+0.5) are in the top four active A.I. sires for Mobility.


New Super Sampler™ 7BS889 HILTON debuts as the No. 1 active A.I. young sire for GPPR (+222), Net Merit (NM$) (+543), Cheese Merit (CM$) (+564), Fluid Merit (FM$) (+497) and Grazing Merit (GM$) (+509). He is also a top-five sire for Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) (+93), Productive Life (PL) (+5.4) and Milk (+1,207). 7BS871 ADVISOR is the breed leader for PL at +6.0 while 7BS872 TEQUILA is the top sire for Mobility at +0.7.


DIPLOMAT joins Ayrshire lineup

An outcross sire, 7AY103 DIPLOMAT is a production and component specialist: +40 CFP, +0.05%F, +0.04%P and +317M. He is Select’s leader for NM$ (+177) and a top-five sire in the breed for CM$ (+192). DIPLOMAT earns the FeedPRO® designation and offers total performance (+463 GPTI) and low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) at 2.93.


Breed legend 7AY84 BURDETTE is the breed leader for SCR (+2.4), ranks second for Type (+1.9) and is the No. 4 GPTI sire at +475. 7AY93 BERKELY is the breed’s best for HCR (+4.4) and ranks in the top three for SCR (+1.0).


A BERKELY son, Super Sampler 7AY111 REAGAN is the No. 1 young sire for Type (+1.7) and SCR (+4.9). 7AY114 PETITION is a top-five sire for Type (+0.8), components (+0.10%F, +0.05%P) and SCS (2.77).


Guernsey lineup grows

7GU451 LEGEND is a 7GU405 GRUMPY son from the well-known Coulee Crest Nick Lorilyn (EX-91-EX-90-MS). A FeedPRO sire, he is a top-five proven sire for Milk (+628), Protein (+25), CFP (+44), GPTI (+69) and UDC (+1.5). His daughters are tall, strong and wide with ideal leg set and steep foot angle.


7GU446 NOVAK leads the breed for NM$ (+328), CM$ (+332), FM$ (+318) and GM$ (+301). He ranks second for GPTI (+93) and Milk (+794) and is among the best for CFP (+58), LIV (+1.9), SCR (+0.4) and Protein (+27). 7GU438 LEVI offers excellent health and fitness (+0.8 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, +0.2 HCR, 2.78 SCS) and Type (+1.5 PTAT, +1.6 FLC). 7GU445 LIGHTNING ranks fourth for Type at +1.6.


Among young sires, 7GU467 ERNIE is the No. 1 sire for GPTI (+85), CCR (+0.6) and Fat (+0.07%), 7GU471 RANDALL is the breed leader for SCS (2.75), PL (+2.9) and DPR (+0.6) and Showcase Selections sire 7GU468 LADYS MAN is the top sire for Type (+1.7) and UDC (+1.4).

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