College students may just be getting the hang of “distance learning”, but it’s already time to start thinking ahead to hands-on experiences next summer! We will begin accepting applications for our 2021 All West Summer Intern position on October 1, 2020. Students will have until January 1, 2021 to send us their resumes, cover letters, and applications.

On this month’s edition of All West All Access, which premiered on our All West/Select Sires Facebook page, we enjoyed visiting with special guests Kelby Stadt, Carly Olufs, Mackenzie Gomes, and Amber LaSalle. These four successful All West/Select Sires team members are all past interns who are now full-time employees of our cooperative! Tune in here to hear their advice and learn more about their unique internship experiences.

Here more about our internship experience from our 2020 All West Summer Intern, Brian Martin in the video below!

Are you a curious, passionate and hardworking student or do you know someone who is? Visit our Internship Opportunity webpage to learn more details about our internship and apply by January 1, 2021!

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