All West/Select Sires is pleased to announce that Carson Hillberg has accepted the position of All West/Select Sires Dairy Program Specialist. Carson’s first day in this new role with be June 30, 2020.

Carson first learned how to breed cows while attending Fresno State University where he took his first artificial insemination class. After earning his degree in Animal Science, Carson became a relief technician and eventually gained enough customers to service his own breeding route.

Carson has already been a professional A.I. technician for over 15 years and has served as a valuable Technician/Dealer of All West/Select Sires for nearly 12 years. In this role, Carson has worked with herds in California’s Tulare County to perform heat detection, breed cows, and collaborate with dairy producers to implement synchronization protocols and keep accurate records.

“I enjoy the team aspect of this job while working with the dairy producers, nutritionists, and veterinarians to put a system together that really works well for each operation,” said Carson. “It is also enjoyable to see the operations be passed down through several generations and getting to play a role in that.”

Not only has Carson excelled at his role as a Technician/Dealer, he has also served as a leader and instructor of many All West/Select Sires A.I. School Training Schools. Participants of these trainings have often praised Carson for his detail-oriented training, vast amount of bovine reproductive knowledge, patience, and kindness.

“Carson’s steady and consistent approach to life and work has been a picture of what it takes to prepare one’s self for future opportunities. Many years of experience in the reproductive realm and participation in the training and execution of the programs offered at All West/Select Sires has prepared Carson for the role of Dairy Program Specialist,” said Greg Collins, California Director of Sales.

Carson has proved to be a valuable member of the All West Family in his previous position and we are confident that this new role will allow him to provide even better service to our member/owners.

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