Select Sires honored five All West/Select Sires team members for excellence in sales and service in 2021.

“The Select Sires brand promise, Your Success Our Passion, defines our commitment to serving the cooperative’s dairy and beef farmer-owners,” said Lyle Kruse, Select Sires Inc. Vice President of U.S. Market Development. “It is our phenomenal sales, service and support staff throughout the United States and around the globe that deliver on our brand promise each day.”

Congratulations to our All West employees listed below, who also recently enjoyed a trip to Cancun, Mexico as part of their well-deserved award recognition.

Super Achiever Awards

The Super Achiever awards recognize staff members for outstanding performance in sales and customer service.

Super Achiever Sales Representative

Carly Olufs, All West/Select Sires Dairy Program Specialist, Petaluma, CA

“Carly hit the ground running when she joined All West/Select Sires in 2020, after previously serving as our intern. She had big shoes to fill, entering a territory previously serviced by one of our “Super Achiever” salesmen with nearly 50 years of industry experience, and has even increased the sales in this area! With her optimism and “never stop learning” attitude, she is a natural around people and cows alike and is a wonderful asset to our company.”– Angie Kennedy, All West Director of Dairy Programs

Super Achiever Technician

Mario Limon, All West/Select Sires Relief Technician, Tulare, CA

“Mario is always willing to go above and beyond for our customers and for our team. He is also very eager to learn! Mario’s friendly personality, attention to detail, and passion for what he does makes him a natural leader on our team. He has certainly worked hard for this well-deserved recognition!” – Geneva McCall, All West Manager of Technician Development

Super Achiever Support Staff

Bill Van de Graaf, Recently Retired All West/Select Sires Eastern Washington District Manager, Sunnyside, WA

“There have been very few people in the Select Sires organization that have the respect and accolades that have been bestowed on Bill. He was not only recognized as SMS Evaluator of the Year, but he also received the SRS Evaluator of the Year award. Starting as an SMS Evaluator, Bill expanded his role in technician training and troubleshooting customer’s dairy cow management programs. Bill was in on the ground floor of the “Train the Trainer” concept that eventually became Select Reproductive Solutions (SRS) and was heavily involved with the Advanced A.I. Technician Training implemented by Dr. Nebel. By far the biggest contribution he made was an all-around commitment to his customer’s success. Although he is enjoying a well-deserved retirement, he will still be helping All West in between golf outings and hunting trips.”– Rory White, All West General Manager/CEO

Gold Club

Gold Club winners are recognized for their promotion and sales of Herd Management Solutions products and the award is provided in support with Select Sires’ partners, Agrarian Solutions®, Ecolab® and Milk Products LLC.

Matt Jansen, All West/Select Sires Sales Representative, Albany, OR

“Since Matt became part of the All West Family, he has always put his customers first and is determined to find the best ways to help their operations succeed. Beyond genetics, Matt has found additional ways to assist our customers with the use of a wide variety of animal health care products and is very knowledgeable about them. We appreciate Matt’s willingness to continue learning and sharing these valuable products with our customers.” – Karl Krangnes, All West Northwest Sales Administrator

ST Winner

Through sponsorship from Sexing Technologies, Select Sires recognizes success in sexed semen sales by honoring an ST Winner.

Greg Silva, All West/Select Sires Sales Representative, Hanford, CA

“With his cow knowledge, friendly personality and competitive nature, it’s no wonder Greg is recognized for his sexed semen sales. He has been dedicated to his role as a sales representative for many years and makes his customer’s needs and success his top priority. We are fortunate to have Greg as a coworker and friend.” – Angie Kennedy, All West Director of Dairy Programs


Additionally, All West/Select Sires recognizes team members who achieve excellence in sales and service, as well as those who reach Years of Service milestones to our cooperative each year. Below are those team members who were recognized in 2021.

2021 Service Elite:

This annual recognition honors Select Sires breeding technicians across the country for their outstanding attention to detail on the farm as well as meeting or exceding total services and/or annual revenue measured in percentage increase over the previous year.

Luis Alvarado
Jose Arroyo
Jose Espinoza
Mario Limon
Manuel Medrano
Mario Ramos
Bryce Stampanoni
Jesus Vargas

2021 President’s Club:

This annual recognition honors Select Sires field staff across the country for their outstanding performance in customer service on the farm as well as meeting or exceding sales revenue to existing customers and/or adding new customers.
Carson Hillberg
Matt Jansen
Morgan Johnsrud
Tony DeMello
Brian Nelson
Carly Olufs
Rodney Paulo
Clint Sexson
Greg Silva
Brice Titus
Kit Watson
Randy Van Wieringen

2021 Years of Service:

Rene Meyers – 35 Years
Marvin Correia – 30 Years
Bill Van de Graaf – 30 Years
Greg Silva – 25 Years
Pat Wolf – 20 Years
Lisa Barkley – 10 Years
Frank Gregorio – 10 Years
Lalo Lopez – 10 Years
Toni Duralski – 5 Years
Matt Jansen – 5 Years
Morgan Johnsrud – 5 Years
Mario Limon – 5 Years
Brian Melo – 5 Years
Reyes Mendez – 5 Years
Jorge Mendoza – 5 Years
Matt Parreira – 5 Years
Rodney Paulo – 5 Years
Clint Sexson – 5 Years
Alex Trujillo – 5 Years
Frank Vargas – 5 Years
Jesus Vargas – 5 Years
Mackenzie Yerian – 5 Years
Giovanny Hoeut – 1 Year
Carly Olufs – 1 Year
Justin Wilson – 1 Year

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