Summer has started, temperatures are rising, milk price is going up again!
It’s time for a CowManager Summer Promotion!

Rising temperatures sounds nice, but did you know that cows can already suffer from heat stress with temperatures from 69 Fahrenheit? Consequences are, production loss, more sick cows, higher medical costs and on the longer-term reproduction problems. Read more about what CowManager can do in times of heat stress.

Monitor your cows’ health status with CowManager and join their Summer Promotion!

The following conditions to this promotion apply:
• Up to 20% discount on hardware with an order >300 sensors
• Only available through Select Sires in the United States & Canada
• Available until September 2020

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You’re also invited to attend CowManager’s webinar “Increase Profitability with Cow Monitoring” featuring Dr. Ray Nebel! Dr. Ray Nebel, Vice President of Technical Programs at Select Sires Inc., is a result-oriented professional in cow monitoring. He offers a unique combination of knowledge and experience in research and production, as well as business with the ability to assess both vantage points to develop and manage the best scenario and perform beyond expectations. In this webinar, he will be sharing how you can increase profitability and improve efficient farm management with a cow monitoring system on your farm.

 Register for the webinar taking place on Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST!

For more information about CowManager, please contact your All West/Select Sires Representative.

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