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Jersey Proven Sires

The December 2019 Sire Summary proved that the Jersey Revolution rolls on! Select Sires offers the most elite Jersey proven and genomic young sires for Jersey Performance Index™ (JPI™), NM$, CM$, CFP, Type and Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™), regardless of generation count.

  • Select Sires leads the industry with 11 of the top 25 active proven and young sire Jerseys for JPI. Leading this listing are 507JE1758 JX THRASHER {6} (+197 JPI), 7JE1716 JX SUCCESSION {6} (+194 JPI) and 7JE1712 JX BUTKUS {4} (+194 JPI).
  • On the combined active Jersey proven and genomic young sires list, Select Sires offers 13 of the top-25 sires for SCR with 21 of our sires with a +1.0 SCR or higher.
  • Select Sires offers 11 active proven and young Jersey sires at least 600 Net Merit $ (NM$), 18 Jersey sires at least +600 Cheese Merit $ (CM$), and 39 Jersey sires at least +100 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP).

Jersey New Graduates

7JE1526 Kash-In SLUGGER-P-ET
Nikon-P x (E-90%) 7JE1149 DIMENSION x (E-90%) Venerable x (E-91%) Mercedes

– High-ranking polled sire with balanced production and a component improver (+.13%P, +.36%F)

– Shallow udders with strong clefts and clean, dairy frames

– Huge Cheese Merit (+600CM$) with super Jersey Udder IndexTM value (+19.9GJUITM)


7JE5052 River Valley Circus CLOSER-ET
7JE1421 IRON MAN x (E-90%) 7JE1221 PHAROAH x (VG-84%) 7JE1038 VALENTINO x (E-90%) 7JE590 ACTION

– Balanced producer (+726M) with high value for CM$ (+510), A2A2 and BB Kappa-Casein

– Top-25 sire in the breed for Jersey Performance IndexTM (+162GJPITM)

– Extreme Somatic Cell Score (+2.63SCS) and Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+2.4DPR)


14JE725 Elliotts Regency CASINO-ET
14JE662 REGENCY x (E-93%) Premier x (E-91%) Connection x (E-97%) First Prize

– Improves fitness traits (+0.1 DPR, +4.1 PL) and overall Type (+2.3PTAT)

– Settles cows with high SCR (+1.2)

– Udder improver (+29.6GJUI) and offers A2A2 and BB Kapa-Casein


14JE1502 Rials Ballistic VAPOR
Ballistic x (VG-80%) Visionary x (VG-82%) Headline x Mecca

– Combines high production (+1,165M) with high Type (+2.1PTAT)

–  A2A2 and BB Kappa-Casein

– Zoetis Wellness leader (+106 Mastitis, +108 Metritis, +107 Displaced Abomasum)


Ayrshire New Graduates

7AY104 Bar-Vue BUCKY-ET
Oblique x (EX-90-3E-ELITE) 7AY84 BURDETTE x (VG-87) Palm

– Profitable combination of Milk and components +718M, +34F and +19P

– 95.97% Ayrshire

    Click Here to view Jersey Sire Analyst Herby Lutz’s Update and overview of the Jersey program and the new graduates!


    With more sires to choose from that ever before, we hope you trust All West/Select Sires to deliver the bulls your herd needs to succeed! Contact your All West/Select Sires representative for the newest information and pricing.

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