Dan Hoying, Agrarian Solutions

As I write this, my family and I are making final preparations for our daughter’s wedding tomorrow, April 1st (no fools!).  After all these months of preparation, eloping would have been an easier solution!  However, giving her and her future husband a wedding celebration helps to get them off to a good start and secure their future together.


Okay, so how does elopement and Select Sires have anything in common?  Preparation for a wedding is like what a producer goes through to secure a cow’s health during transition after “her big day”(calving). Cows that are well managed during transition period (3 weeks before and after calving) have higher production and better reproduction vs. cows that are not well managed.  Managing overcrowding, socialization (pen movement), environment and nutrition are all factors to a healthy transition. Mycotoxins in feedstuffs also contribute negatively to cow health and transition. As a father, eloping offers a cheaper option and producers sometimes look at cheaper options for their transition cows. DTX and Biocycle plus are feed ingredients that provide mycotoxin control and lessen the effects on cows before and after calving. Biofresh boluses help improve gut health post calving on individual cows.

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