As I work with herds and nutritionists across the Midwest, I often see how common it is in the industry to choose a mycotoxin control product and then an additional Immune modulation product.  With Select DTX you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.  Our L-Form-based mycotoxin control instead, is a much more technologically advanced biological control approach offering mycotoxin control while enhancing the immune system of your herd.  It’s one product offering multiple benefits for one price.       

As you may be aware
Agrarian Solutions offers a complementary mycotoxin testing service for customers.  In just the final 90 days of 2018 alone, we received over 600 samples from across the U.S.  Of these 600 samples the average DON (vomitoxin) was 1480ppb with many of the tests positive for zearalenone, fumonisins, and T-2 as well.  My point here is simple, if you’re feeding a herd of cows with crops grown in 2018, you are likely feeding at least some level(s) of mycotoxins.

Symptoms of mycotoxins in a dairy herd vary depending on the mycotoxins involved and their interactions with other stress factors. The more stressed cows, such as fresh cows, are most affected, perhaps because their immune systems are already suppressed.  Symptoms of mycotoxins aren’t necessarily specific and can be a wide range of symptoms including reduced production, reduced feed intake, sporadic diarrhea, reduced reproductive performance including decreased conception rates, decreased heat detection rates, a higher level of aborts, and irregular estrus cycles.  There is generally an increase in the incidence of problems, such as displaced abomasum, ketosis, retained placenta, metritis, and mastitis.  And again, because of the suppressed immune system, cows do not respond well to treatments.  Remember, Select DTX will replace binders, however, it’s mode of action is far from a binder.  

Attempting to control mycotoxins with a common binder may effectively control Aflatoxins however has a limited effect on the common mycotoxins we see every day like DON (Vomitoxin), Zearalenone, and T-2.  This, in turn, requires high amounts of binder, adding to the risk of tying up other essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals not to mention adding cost.  

As if these reasons aren’t enough to reconsider eliminating binders from your ration, the key point here is a binder does nothing to assist rumen health and immune modulation like Select DTX will do for you. 

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