Select Sires is committed to providing highly fertile semen to its customer-owners. With 61 sires positive for Sire Conception Rate (SCR), Select Sires continues to be the premier source for high fertility sires. 7HO10000 Big APPLE-RED-ET (+5.0 SCR), 7HO9990 Farnear-TBR Dates DWIGHT-ET (EX-91) (+4.5 SCR), 7HO9925 Coyne-Farms Shotle YANCE-ET (VG-88-GM) (+3.6 SCR) and 7HO9722 Collins-Pride TS JERMIAH-ET (VG-87) (+3.4 SCR) are among the top 10 sires for SCR. As the weather gets warmer, turn to this group and our Superior Settlerâ„¢ lineup for the best in fertility.

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