COW FAMILY PROFILE – Standing at 67” tall, you wouldn’t really know what to expect from Heartbeat JM Maggie Mae.  She’s got great type and that shows in her 2E-92 EX-MS classification.  She flushes well, as you can tell by her numerous daughters that are fresh (EX daughters by Finest, Hi Metro and Lou; VG daughter by Allen; and two GP daughters by Super).  She also has females yet to calve-in by Shamrock, Trigger, Mogul, McCutchen, Dorcy and Dempsey.

But while Maggie Mae continues her flushing program at Trans-Ova and wins fans over with her outstanding lineup of female progeny, this Comestar Outside daughter is even MORE well-known for having three sons in the Top 100 after the August 2013 proofs!

7H10297 Foxberry Bax MCNUGGETS-ET; 7H10233 Foxberry Bax MIZZOU-ET (VG-88) and 7H9918 Foxberry JS MCFLY-ET (EX-91) rank 77th, 17th, 62nd and 77th respectively.  The trio, bred by Joe Vanderfeltz and Larry B. Hoelscher of Lawton, PA, consists of a pair of Baxter full brothers and a brother by Jet Stream.  All over +2000 GTPI, they are also all over +2.00 for type and over +3.5 for productive life (McNuggets is an impressive 6.6 for PL).  In addition, all three are double digit fat specialists at +.13, +.14 and +.16.  Finally, all three carry the Select Sires “Diamond Selection” status which means they excel in a balance of production, type and health traits…basically the complete package!  In addition, McNuggets and McFly carry the “Superior Settler” designation.

This doesn’t really surprise Joe Vanderfeltz.  He’s been enjoying the success of the Maggie family for years, and in 2010, he thought he might have achieved the pinnacle with them as a full sister to McFly sold for $65,000 and topped the Legends of the Fall Sale in Avon, NY.  But that was merely the beginning.  “I’ve sold five sons of Maggie Mae into A.I.,” said the Pennsylvania dairyman, “Four of those five went to Select Sires and I wasn’t really sure how their numbers would turn out.  But I used them all here and I knew I liked what I saw!  The cow family is amazing and I haven’t calved in anything that’s less than GP as a 2-year-old.  They go on to mature and score even better as they age, just like the 3E-94 point granddam, Rudolph Maggie.”

Joe is probably milking the most daughters of McNuggets, with four already classified 82, 83, 83 and 84.  All three sons transmit cattle that are “medium to above average in size in my herd,” said Joe.  “But I like the McNuggets the most because you can really pick out their style in the pens.  They’ve got good rear udders and teat placement is nearly perfect.”

Have there ever been three bulls in the Top 100 from one cow?  It’s unlikely, and as Joe said, he’s a little prejudiced in loving a cow family that he’s worked with so long.  “They are all good, solid cattle that milk well, have docile temperaments and are good in health traits.  I’m excited when I look over the Top 100 list and see all three on there…how cool is that?”


GEN-ACE MIZZOU 11682 (VG-85)


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