Uddergold is a unique bactericide that rapidly destroys all mastitis-causing Strep and Staph bacteria. UDDERgold then dries to form a protective breathable barrier sealing the teat end and conditioning while it works. For years, teat dip manufacturers have been trying to develop teat dips which would provide germicidal protection for the time a cow was post-dipped all the way up until she prepped for the next milking. Let’s face it, not long after a cow is dipped, she begins wandering around (or lying down) in conditions that immediately begin exposing her to mastitis-causing organisms.

Almost all teat dips quit working 10 to 15 minutes after they’ve been applied. The fact is as soon as they have dried, they have quit working. This isn’t the case with new UDDERgold. UDDERgold works from the time you post-dip your cow all the way up until she’s prepped for the next milking.

A recent university study confirmed germicidal activity for a full twelve hours and more…for the maximum in mastitis protection. The following Germicidal Persistence Index indicates “on cow” germicidal activity.

UDDERgolds’ barrier also holds its twin conditioning components… Cosmedia and glycerin. Held in the barrier, this twin conditioning system delivers continual conditioning properties to teats for the full twelve hours between milking. UDDERgold breathable polymer barrier…a tough barrier that won’t come off during the cow’s normal routine between milkings, yet comes off easily in your normal teat prepping routine. UDDERgold. Hours, not minutes, of protection.

UDDERgold ¨ is a registered trademark of Ecolab. All claims, representations and warranties, expressed or implied, are made only by Ecolab, and not by All West/Select Sires.

Available in Canada
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