7JE1036 Avon Road Impuls PAT, 7BS828 Little Hills Ladys MVP ET*TM and 7GU455 Oak Knob Maxie LAREDO joined the Select Sires active lineup in April. Their diverse offering of traits adds strength to an already deep high-components lineup.

Select Sires is home to the top active A.I. Type sires in five breeds, including four high-components breeds. 7AY84 Palmyra Tri-Star BURDETTE-ET (+1.8 PTAT) maintains his No. 1 Type ranking in the Ayrshire breed while 7JE1038 All Lynns Louie VALENTINO-ET (+2.7 PTAT), 7GU434 Spring Walk Sherberts MINT (+1.6 PTAT) and 7MS347 Mysha-WO Advent LIRIANO-ET (+1.0 PTAT) are the new leading Type sires in their respective breeds.

Not only does Select Sires dominate in Type, but many lineup sires lead the industry in production and fitness traits. 236JE146 ISDK DJ ZUMA is No. 1 in the Jersey breed for Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.62), Productive Life (PL) (+6.9) and Cheese Merit (CM$) (+$746) while 236JE136 ISDK DJ HULK is the top Jersey sire for Fat (+99). 7JE865 Sunset Canyon KYROS-ET tops the Jersey breed for Sire Conception Rate (SCR) at +4.6. 7GU398 Sniders Ronalds ALSTAR continues to lead the Guernsey breed in Milk (+1,102), DPR (+2.4) and Net Merit (NM$) (+$448) and 7GU405 Golden J Ronald GRUMPY is the No. 1 active sire for CM$ (+$461). 7GU428 Golden J Skipper GARY leads the breed for fertility at +1.1 SCR. 7AY87 Anmar Peter POWER-ET is the No. 1 GPTI sire (+553) and leads Ayrshire active A.I. sires in NM$ (+$507), CM$ (+$554) and Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) at +1.7. With his first official Type proof, 7MS347 LIRIANO is also the top active A.I. Milking Shorthorn sire for Udder Composite (+1.06) and DPR (+1.0). 7MS346 Kulp-Gen Jurist ACE-ET is the breed’s top bull for Fat percent (+0.36) and PL (+3.6).

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