Brad Barham Sales Support Manager All West/Select Sires


Happy Spring everyone!  It’s good to be on board with the All West crew in California.  I’m pinch hitting for Herby Lutz on this edition of DiamondCuts, as the Jersey Revolution continues to roll.  Herby highlighted our proven bulls OLIVER-P, METALICA, BARNABAS, and PHAROAH on the last edition of DiamondCuts very well and I have no argument with a word he mentioned about these customer satisfaction sires.  OLIVER-P and BARNABAS continue to pop up on the high monthly Jersey sales column world-wide for Select Sires, and rightfully so, with their deep pedigrees, excellent conception, and udders to die for!


Another bull to add some major highlights to is 7JE1274 AXIS. AXIS finally added the bump up in JPI that many people were seeing in their herd-mate performances back in the summer and early fall.  In December, as AXIS daughters completed or extended lactation data, his proof moved him up to the #3 proven JPI bull in the Jersey breed at 240 JPI.  AXIS daughters are long and dairy with silky hides, low SCS, and huge milk production.  Udders are attached well with incredible RUH (2.0) and RUW (1.3) while maintaining shallow UD (.6).  It is hard to believe a bull over 1800 on milk carries udders as well as AXIS does.  AXIS son 7JE5020 STRIKER is really working well sexed in our All West herds with the kind of pedigree that can definitely make him a future customer satisfaction sire.  If you can’t get enough of AXIS, look to STRIKER and other sons in the 7JE lineup.



Newly activated bull 7JE1331 VARICK present an extremely balanced profile with excellent component % (.12 Fat, .10 Protein) and good JUI (16.5). Debuting on the top 20 proven sire list and an early Dimension son, he combines components, health traits (1.8 DPR), depth of pedigree, and a unique sire stack that should work well in our SMS system on much of the Violet bloodlines in the breed today.  Take a look at the picture of his beautiful EX-92 dam!


Let’s talk about the young pups! We’re seeing breed-leading conception from 7JE1503 JX RONALDINHO {3} on both sexed and conventional semen.  He is a JX Harris {4} son out of an EX-90 Topeka followed by an EX-92 Action.  Lots to like there, especially when you realize he brings 156 CFP with positive % for each trait! Also working well sexed is SEXED ONLY sire 507JE1528 DISCO.  His initial conception results have been nice and he is likely the most unique HR bull in the breed today with semen.  DISCO is very rare Chisel son that provides breed leading PL (9.7), DPR (3.0), and JUI (32.5) while boasting a 219 JPI.  DISCO will likely weigh heavily in the sire of sons department for Select over the next couple years.  Dance one step ahead of the rest of the crowd and use him now while you can!

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