The Jersey sire lineup at Select Sires continues to offer customer-owners a diverse selection of proven and genomic young sires that excel in total performance, type and fertility.

Proven Sire Lineup

Select Sires is home to nine active proven sires at or above +100 GJPITM. Ranking No. 3 in the breed for GJPI is customer-satisfaction sire, 7JE5004 CHROME (+193). Also ranking well are 7JE1331 VARICK (+157), new graduate 7JE1477 JX SAINT {4} (+152), 7JE5011 MEGAPOWER (+126) and 7JE1344 MATT (+108).

7JE1344 Matt Dtr: Full Circle Matt 14457 {3} (VG-81%)  Jacy Carpenter, Dalhart, TX

MEGAPOWER (+115), JX SAINT {4} (+114) and CHROME (+114) lead Select’s daughter-proven lineup for Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) values. Leading Select’s Cheese Merit (CM$) lineup is CHROME (+593), JX SAINT {4} (+541) and VARICK (+522).

With eight of the top 25 active proven sires for PTA Type, Select Sires offers more elite Type sires than any other lineup in the industry. As the breed’s No. 1 sire, CHROME is +2.6 PTAT and +30.9 Jersey Udder IndexTM (JUITM). Following CHROME in second, third and fourth ranking for Type is 7JE1354 TEXAS (+2.5), 7JE1294 BARNABAS (+2.4) and 7JE1219 OLIVER-P (+2.3). For those focused on JUI values, Select offers eight proven sires at or above +20.0 JUI, including TEXAS (+32.7 JUI), CHROME and 7JE1088 COLTON (+25.4).

7JE1332 Reno Dtr: Ahlem Reno Buttons 48179-ET Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, CA

Select Sires continues to put an emphasis on high Sire Conception Rate (SCR) values and this can be seen throughout the Jersey sire lineup. TEXAS leads the industry as the No. 1 ranked sire for SCR at +3.8. Also ranking very well among the industry’s best are 7JE1332 RENO (+2.2), MATT (+1.9) and BARNABAS (+1.3). In total, Select’s lineup includes eight proven sires with positive SCR values.

Genomic Young Sire Lineup

Elite JPI and high SCR values combine for standouts like 7JE1642 UR KYRIE (+198 GJPI, +2.2 SCR), 7JE5069 CHEDDAR (+187 GJPI, +0.2 SCR) and 7JE1606 JX SHOCK {5} (+185 GJPI, +5.0 SCR). The strength in young sire SCR values is unmatched. Nine of the breed’s top 10 young sires for SCR are available from Select Sires. Topping this listing is JX SHOCK {5}, followed by 7JE1503 JX RONALDINHO {3} (+4.5 SCR), 7JE1602 JX FIGO {3} (+3.8) and 7JE1598 JX CHAUNCY {6} (+3.1).

Select continues to be the source for elite production and components. UR KYRIE boasts +1,848 Milk with +144 CFP and is +674 CM$. CHEDDAR transmits +1,455 Milk with +147 CFP and is +660 CM$.

7JE1528 DISCO’s data shows his ability to improve fitness traits as the breed’s leader for Productive Life (PL) (+7.2), extremely low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (+2.73) and positive values for Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) (+1.8), Heifer Conception Rate (HCR) (+2.8) and Cow Conception Rate (CCR) (+2.1).

Leading Select Sires’ genomic young sire PTAT listing, and ranking No. 4 in the breed, is 7JE1638 RESPECT (+2.4). RESPECT is a Kwynn son from Select’s partnership with Jerseyland Sires. Also ranking well for PTAT is UR KYRIE (+2.4) and Showcase Selections sire 7JE5032 VICTORIOUS (+2.0).

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