All West/Select Sires is pleased to announce the relocation of A.I. technician Matt Braun to the Skagit County, Washington area. Matt will be taking over technician responsibilities and continuing to provide breed-leading service to dairy producers in that area. Matt’s previous role as relief technician was spent equally between Tillamook, Oregon and Skagit County.

A native of Red Bluff, California, Matt has already accumulated a tremendous amount of A.I. experience in his life. Being raised on his parents’ dairy in California, Matt had hands-on experience breeding cows with his dad, and later was officially trained by another A.I. company. Since graduation he has worked in Texas breeding cows for over a year, and then worked as a relief technician in the Tillamook, Oregon area since then.

“I really like working for Select Sires because in my role as a technician, I get to promote the entire program that Select offers. It’s more than just breeding cows, it’s about keeping cows healthy, pregnant and profitable. As a company, they are really concerned about the whole scope of the dairy,” said Matt.

Brett Mackay, an All West/Select Sires Dairy Program Specialist, commented that Matt’s abilities would be a tremendous plus for dairies in the area. “Matt has all the skills and the right attitude to be a great breeder. As his experience grows so do his numbers for heat detection and conception. His sole focus is to help dairies be successful.”

In his spare time, Matt likes anything that involves a board – snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding.

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