Brent Roylance is our newly elected All West/Select Sires District 4 Delegate. Brent is a third-generation dairy producer in Moses Lake, Washington where he and his sons milk 1,250 Holstein cows at Brent Roylance and Son’s Dairy.

After attending college for several years and marrying his wife, Nesha, Brent returned to the family farm to work with his father, Bert, and two brothers, Gary and Bruce. At the time, his father only had a small dairy and had hired a local family to manage that part of the operation while the Roylance men handled the crops. They primarily grew sugar beets and other feed for the dairy cattle. 

Two years later, the sugar beet plant closed forcing the family to make changes to their operation. With a small herd of cows and large plot of land, they were left with the choice of either making a new living off the farm or expanding their dairy herd. “We all gladly agreed to expand the dairy so that we could stay on the farm,” said Brent. “It was the best decision we could have made!”

The brothers farmed together successfully for the next 25 years, until their children grew old enough to join them. When Brent’s three sons, Jared, Kent and Bryce, showed serious interest in the farm, Brent separated from the original farm and started a dairy of their own, Brent Roylance and Son’s Dairy. This is where the now fourth generation of the Roylance family currently farms today.

Although there have been many changes to the family business since Brent became a dairy producer, one thing that has remained the same for over 40 years is the use of Select Sires genetics. “We use All West because they offer very good genetics and we enjoy the good people who work with us. The customer service is great!” said Brent. The herd chooses to use mostly proven bulls who have high Total Performance Index (TPI), good components and high milk production.

“I have chosen to join the team as a delegate because I think this is a great opportunity to get involved and learn more about the cooperative,” said Brent. “I think my involvement will be an asset to our farm and help us to be more successful in the dairy industry.” Brent hopes to gain a better understanding of bull selection and stay up to date with the constant changes of the artificial insemination industry through this involvement.

Brent and Nesha have now been married for 45 years and have raised a beautiful family including six children and 26 grandchildren, with one more due in July 2023! They enjoy watching their many grandchildren participate in sports including football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and baseball. Brent’s favorite hobby is deep sea fishing in Sitka, Alaska where he catches salmon, halibut, cod and even a shark on occasion! The family also looks forward to their time spent together at their vacation home on Lake Roosevelt in Lincoln, Washington, where they swim, play cards, and everyone tries to beat “Grandpa Brent” at air hockey and ping pong!

Welcome to the team, Roylance Family!

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