Julian Cowan is our newly elected All West/Select Sires District 12 Delegate. Julian is a third-generation dairy producer in Nehalem, Oregon alongside his parents Brad and Melody Cowan and his sister Marika Cowan, where they operate with 600 registered Jersey cows at GreenGold Dairy.

Cowan Dairy switched from raising Holstein cattle to the Jersey breed in 2001, with the goal of producing medium-frame grazing cows with massive intake capacity. Several years later in 2005, Julian went to New Zealand for a year-long experience working at a dairy. When he returned and began managing their own herd, Julian used New Zealand genetics for several years, but is now using mostly U.S. bulls, as well as their family’s home-bred bulls.

GreenGold Dairy was purchased in 2014 and the best cows from the original dairy were moved to this current site. Today, GreenGold Dairy focuses on using proven genetics that will provide them with grazing cows who will last while seasonally calving on their 640 acres of pasture. This requires Julian to select Jersey sires with positive Daughter Pregnancy Rates (DPR), high Type, positive components, enough strength and excellent health traits. Although Julian’s family has been using Select Sires genetics for over 20 years, they have significantly increased their usage of All West genetics during the last few years to focus on these traits.

Choosing the proper genetics, while keeping accurate records and milk testing their herd regularly has allowed the Cowan family to improve their herd in many ways over the years. They now market their own bulls through artificial insemination, with demand for their product increasing in both the United States and New Zealand. “A big part of our business is selling surplus animals, semen, and embryos, so it is important for us to have genetics that can create trouble-free cows to thrive in any system,” said Julian.

“I am excited to be an All West delegate to get involved and learn more about the industry,” said Julian.

Julian and his wife Nicole have been married for six years and have four children, Kywin (5 years old), Kingston (3 years old), Aster (2 years old), Anson (nine months old). When Julian is not busy with dairy duties, he enjoying spending time with his wife and children, brewing beer, cider and kombucha, and playing cornhole.

Welcome to the team, Cowan Family!

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