Hello everyone! Hope all is well in the west and on behalf of the entire Sire Acquisition team, thank you again for your support of Select Sires and the genetic offering that we work extremely hard every day to create.

Many times I have taken these opportunities to visit with you about what may happen with the upcoming sire summaries, but this time, I would like to familiarize you with some bulls already available!  For some reason, they seem to be falling under the radar screen but are really too good to miss! We have used nearly every one as a sire father, so we, as a sire team, have great faith in them.  Introducing my Top 10 “Missing in Action” Sires!

14HO7923 DOCTOR (Helix x VG-88 Yoder x VG-87 Day)

Doctor is the highest GTPI sire available in conventional semen at +2842 and offers a great combination of production, fitness and type.  Sire Analyst Rick Verbeek recently saw Doctor’s dam and shared some camera photos of her (see below).  She’s going to be one of Yoder’s greatest daughters.  She is already VG-88, EX-MS and fresh in her second lactation and completed a 2-00 record of 3x 365d 39,750M 3.7% 1,453F 3.0% 1,211P.

Doctor clicks nearly every box: 931 NM$,+154 CFP, +3.00 DPR, +2.58 PTAT and +2.65 UDC.  Additionally, he is 6.8% SCE making him available for both cow and heifer breeding pens. He is a flat-out rock star and should be on the minds of everyone looking for complete sires to make balanced cows.

“The dam of 14HO7923 DOCTOR, Kingemerling Yoder Della-ET is fresh a second time at 3-07 and is amazing! At 32 days in milk she produced 155 lbs of milk and in my eyes, is the perfect cow! Phenomenal udder, perfect rump, dairy yet still displays substance and width. If you like bulls with deep, FULL pedigrees, this bull should be at the top of your list,” shares Select Sires Dairy Sire Analyst, Rick Ver Beek.


7HO14096 CAMDEN (Flagship x VG-87 Silver x EX-90 Supersire)

One of the best perks of my job is to work with some of the greatest breeding establishments in North America and Sandy-Valley Farms might be right at the top of the list.  It is an absolutely amazing group of cows managed in a commercial environment so when you see Sandy-Valley bred bulls, you can use them with confidence.  Like Doctor, Camden is one of the highest sires in the breed with conventional semen at +2828 GTPI but is also from of the best cows in their herd, Sandy-Valley Cokisncream (VG-87) who has put several brothers in the Select Sires lineup.  She is a nearly ideal modern cow with amazing feet and legs and she has extreme components testing over 5.0% butterfat and 3.6% protein. That’s also what Camden delivers; he is +.24%F and +.08%P and is +160 CFP.  He excels in Foot and Leg Composite at +2.58 and is also 6.9% SCE making him an obvious bull for heifers.  In addition, he delivers exceptional fitness traits being 2.66 Somatic Cell Score ad +2.1 DPR.  Take another look at Camden as this cow family delivers generation after generation.

7HO14023 COMPLETE (Bandares x VG-85 Kingboy x Dean)

This bull was named properly as he is truly a “complete” sire!  As a sire department, we have used the bull extensively as a sire father.  He is an A2A2 sire with great components, improves all fitness traits and best of all, I love his dam.  On a recent visit to Larcrest, I saw her again and she is now fresh with her second calf and is going to be a very high scoring cow!  We initially released this bull sexed only but he’s now available in both conventional and sexed.  He should be a great option for those looking for a high-ranking sire without Montross, Modesty or Jedi in the pedigree.  Complete is one of my favorite bulls in the entire Genomic Young Sire offering but no one seems to know about him.  The Cosmopolitan family from Larcrest in Minnesota is one of the most respected cow families worldwide and Complete is from the heart of it.

7HO13734 HODEDOE (Jedi x EX-91 Epic x VG-88 Man-O-Man)

Hodedoe is again a bull we used extensively, and we have several exciting sons coming from him in 2019, but the meantime, this bull needs to be discovered!  His dam is an EX-91 Epic that produced Hodedoe when she was in her second lactation, signifying that a proven cow can still make some of the best males in the industry.  Hodedoe is a BB Kappa Casein sire that is again balanced in all aspects but excels in fitness traits like DPR at +4.9.  Additionally, he is 6.8% SCE, so opportunities for use in heifer pens are available in both sexed and conventional semen.  Another favorite of the sire development team that warrants more usage.

14HO13666 DELROY (Duke x GP-83 Rodgers x VG-87 Numero Uno)

14HO13666 Delroy

For those producers looking for moderate-sized cows with exceptional fitness traits, Delroy definitely needs to be in your breeding program.  The daughters of his sire, Duke, are calving in and are flat-out great young modern cows.  Delroy’s dam lives in one the Select Sires cooperator herds in Wisconsin and she is equally as impressive.  She’s an ideal modern cow being very average sized but with incredible dairy strength and width, and has a rear udder that’s easily an “axe handle wide”! Furthermore, she walks on a great set of feet and legs and is due for her third calf in 2019.  Delroy is a high CFP sire at +155, improves component percentages and excels in all fitness traits. He also has been a high ranking DWP$ sire since his release and improves all Zoetis traits.  Delroy was used as a sire father as well and is a hidden gem in the Accelerated Genetics product line.

7HO13778 APPLE-CRISP (High Octane x EX-91 Mogul x EX-90 Shottle)

For those in the high type arena looking for a bull with no Goldwyn in the pedigree, Apple-Crisp fits the bill.  He is a red factor, Showcase Selections sire who’s available in both sexed and conventional semen.  He ranks well in both the US and Canada for type and conformation and his early calves have been very impressive.  Apple-Crisp is also a fertility specialist being +2.4 for Sire Conception Rate and has been a technician favorite for making pregnant cows.  His sire, High Octane, has become a respected type leader in the industry and Apple-Crisp is one of his highest sons for PTAT at +3.14.  Apple-Crisp traces back to the world-famous Apple cow family, and he should work well on daughters of Gold Chip, Dempsey, GW Atwood and Jacoby.  My personal opinion is that the Apple-Crisp calves will win a lot of blue ribbons for kids around the country in 2019!

7HO13779 DOPPLER (Hang-Time x EX-90 Doorman x VG-86 Colt-P)

We are told that sire fertility sells semen and Doppler is one of the highest fertility bulls available today at +3.1 SCR…but he’s so much more than a fertility sire!  He is one of the highest milk sires in the Showcase Selections program and has a nearly flawless linear profile.  Doppler is also a red carrier, so he could have a large influence in both the Red and Black population.  He is a perfect cross to the Apple bloodlines and should work well on them.  His dam recently scored EX in her 2nd lactation and is a very impressive cow, just like his 3rd dam (EX-94 and a maternal sister to Defiant).  Doppler is also an A2A2 sire and because of this total combination of traits, he should warrant use in the breeding programs of discriminating type breeders everywhere.

7HO14163 DRASTIC-P (Bandares x VG-87 Powerball x EX-94 Dorcy)

The advancements in polled genetics continue to impress all of us and there are now bulls like Drastic-P that could compete against the best polled or non-polled bulls available anywhere in the world.  Drastic-P has been used in the sire department by many of us and again offers complete balance – commercially impressive type along improving all fitness traits.  Drastic-P is an A2A2 sire and should sire great udders with an Udder Composite of +2.63 UDC.  Like many others in this group, he is a calving ease sire at 6.2% SCE and nearly +1000M.  The early reports on his sire, Bandares, are very positive which will only help Drastic-P’s performance.  Rick Ver Beek has worked with this cow family cow for nearly 20 years and is a giant fan of Drastic-P’s grandam Kings-Ransom Dorcy Dextra (2E-94, EX-MS, DOM). We are excited about the earliest Drastic-P sons coming in early 2019.

7HO14163 Drastic-P


7HO12449 MARTY (Supersire x EX-90 Bookem x VG-88 Man-O-Man)

Marty graduated to the proven sire ranks in August and is a Top 100 TPI proven sire. Marty daughters have been some of my favorite cows in my travels because they are trouble-free, great-uddered cows that know how to milk.  With nearly 400 daughters, he is +2310M and +172 CFP which is more than his world-famous father, Supersire!  At 7% calving ease, Marty can be used in the heifer pens with confidence.  His dam is an EX-90 Bookem daughter who traces back to Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella, a cow family from Wisconsin that I have enjoyed working with for a number of years.  If you like consistent, no-holes, profitable cows, then Marty needs to be part of your breeding program.

7HO12449 Marty S-S-I Marty 10731 11645-ET (VG-86) Select Sires, Inc., Plain City, OH

7HO12611 FERDINAND (Montross x VG-85 Mogul x EX-91 Super)

Ferdinand also graduated to the proven ranks in August and I love his milking daughters!  This bull sires some of the best-uddered cows anywhere and his +2.52 Udder Composite confirms it. He is uniquely pedigreed being a Montross from a VG-85 Mogul.  This may spook some with having two crosses to Mogul in his pedigree, but the important thing is what he doesn’t have.  He has no Planet, Shottle, Robust or Supersire in his pedigree making him open to be used on nearly every cow on a lot of dairies.  He also offers high production at +2296M and a very modern linear profile.  The bull himself is one of the most impressive bulls standing in the barns at Select and we are looking forward to more data on this bull in December.  However, there is no reason to wait because the daughters of this bull pass the eyeball test and are exceptional young cows.

7HO12611 Ferdinand “One of the most impressive bulls standing at Select!”

7HO12611 Ferdinand Eskdale Ferdinand Ahava-ET (GP-83) Dallin Buttars, Logan, UT

These are just a few of bulls that I thought needed some press time to reintroduce them to you, our customer owners.  We are confident that this Top 10 group, along with the rest of the Select Sires, GenerVations and Accelerated Genetics product lines, can add profitability to your operations regardless of breeding goals.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and I look forward to seeing many of you in 2019!

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