It’s that time of year! Weather, calving and moving animals can take a big toll…on all ages of cattle.  All West has produced a product that’s specifically designed to keep animals healthy through these various stages of winter stress.  The easy-to-use Paste Plus keeps all ages of animals eating and their guts working, while adding a great boost of key vitamins and minerals.

One of All West’s leading promoters of Paste Plus is salesman Marlin Beck from Missoula, Montana. Here’s what he has to say about the product!

“Paste Plus is a great product, and it speaks for itself. My customers who have purchased the product, never want to be without it.  I know a veterinarian who had a cow that was a chronic bloater and after all other options had been tried, he gave her a whole tube of Paste Plus.  She was fine the next morning and never bloated again.  Now he recommends it to all his customers!  When talking to potential new Paste Plus customers, I point out that if they get just one additional pound of gain in the animal’s LIFETIME by using Paste Plus, they’ve paid for the product…just one pound!  Calves on Paste Plus start eating quicker, digesting everything quicker, and they have the right balance of microbials in their gut.  For those guys that give shots of Vitamins A, D, E and B12…they can eliminate that extra step because they’re all in the Paste Plus formula.  It’s really a no-brainer.”


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