More than 35 professional Select Reproductive Solutions™ (SRS™) specialists from Select Sires’ member organizations, Select Sires Canada and Reproductores SR, Select Sires’ distributor in Argentina, recently gathered for the annual SRS Conference held June 3-6 in Columbus, Ohio. The conference is held on an annual basis for SRS specialists to share ideas and learn more about the latest in reproductive technology. Hosted by COBA/Select Sires Inc., the four-day conference incorporated both classroom and on-farm training.

“This year’s SRS Conference was as successful as ever,” stated Dr. Ray Nebel, vice president of technical service programs. “Working together as a team in the RePRO Analysis™ challenge activity has always been the highlight of the conference. Besides the educational aspects, the conference is a great networking event that allows the SRS specialists from across the federation to see what others with similar responsibilities are doing.”

The SRS conference featured sessions on Select Detect™ troubleshooting, herd management software updates, managing heifer inventories, economics of reproduction, heat abatement strategies, feed management tips, personnel management, timed A.I. protocols, on-farm communication and training and Heatime®. Training sessions were led by SRS specialists, Select Sires staff members and experts in the field of reproduction and nutrition.

Outside of the classroom, SRS specialists participated in the annual RePRO Analysis™ challenge. Attendees were split into small teams and asked to evaluate a herd’s reproductive performance and present their results to conference attendees. This real-world experience allows SRS specialists to collaborate with their peers from around the country. Select Sires would like to thank Meerland Dairy, South Solon, Ohio and Miedema Dairy, Circleville, Ohio for taking part in the conference.

Select Sires recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach to reproductive management does not work in today’s dairy industry. That’s why dairy producers trust Select Sires’ highly trained SRS specialists to help design a customized reproductive program that’s right for their needs. SRS specialists offer a Portfolio of Reproductive Solutions™ that consist of reproductive troubleshooting using Select RePRO Analysis, dairy records and management analysis, professional turnkey technician service, estrus-synchronization programs and assistance, SelectCheck™ heat detection training, English and Spanish training resources and professional A.I. training, heat detection aids and nutritional supplements.

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