Herby Lutz, Jersey Development Manager, Select Sires, Inc.

The Jersey Revolution continues to roll on and do we ever have an exciting update for you this month!

7JE5004 CHROME finished the year 2018 as the ALL-TIME LEADER for units sold in a year for Select Sires.  And it’s easy to see why!  CHROME daughters are the talk of the world and he just doesn’t miss on making the customer satisfaction stars!  The A2A2, Critic-P son of the River Valley program combines a tremendous JUI of +29.5 and +2.6T, while also delivering high production and “off the charts” dairyness.  

Another industry-wide favorite is 14JE670 LEMONHEAD.  Daughters are tall, rugged, and good-uddered, making them the “standouts” around the world as they are calving for the second time in many countries. 

I just returned from Denmark where the Grand Champion animal at the AARS Show was a 14JE682 PRIMERO, a great JUI bull developed in the Evangelo herd right here in the Central Valley of California!  PRIMERO has lots of great-uddered daughters in Denmark (following his proof pattern of +32.1 JUI!) and has followed up the use of 7JE1163 IRWIN quite nicely.  Incidentally, IRWIN sired the Reserve Champion animal of the show, and is also the grandsire of the PRIMERO champion. 

Another proven bull that I have really like the daughters of lately is the Dazzler son, 7JE1484 PERRY.  His daughters are clean-boned, open-framed dairy cows with awesome rear udder height and shallow udders. 

Looking ahead to this summer and the rest of the year, I think it’s going to be an exciting time as we’ll see if some of the “genomic giants” in the stable will prove out as expected.  Both the anticipation of seeing genomic proofs “come to life” and the early reports of daughters calving, are creating quite a buzz!  The first 7JE1529 DOORMAN daughters have started freshening and they are really nice-uddered heifers with good strength.  Also coming to play are the very first 7JE1528 DISCO daughters that are in the springing pens now.  Early reports from across the country are that they look awesome and with a +31.2 JUI, we can’t wait to see them fresh!  7JE1503 JX RONALDINHO {3} daughters are not the biggest cows but have adequate strength and really good udders.  The milk behind this bull is tremendous, with his Topeka dam making over 29,000, and his Action 2nd dam also making over 29,000.  We’ve talked about these bulls for so long that it will be great to see how their offspring perform!

We are also starting to get daughters fresh that are sired by bulls from our Jerseyland Partnership lineup.  The first 7JE1540 JX STORMCLOUD {4} daughters are starting to calve and the early reports are very exciting. This A2A2 sire is a Boudreaux {3} x an E-90% Visionary and then a VG-88% Action.  We are really looking forward to even more JLS daughters coming on in the next few months!  This partnership is just beginning, but wow does it have a bright future!

In the meantime, there will be some exciting new things to make yourself aware of with the April sire summary.  Please make sure you realize that every bull will get a new BBR with the April summary.  This is needed to accommodate the new Multi-Breed evaluation which will be released for the first time in April and any bull that is below 90BBR will now have the letter “M” after the JPI number.  If the animal is 90BBR and above, they will remain in the single breed evaluation.  We all are wondering how this will effect things and look forward to April 2nd to see the start of a level playing field.  For more information

Also just released and available to the industry are Zoetis wellness traits for the Jersey breed!  Make sure you look at that data on the bull pages on our website.  It comes as no surprise that 7JE1528 DISCO is a rockstar on fitness traits and now also on health traits.  DISCO is a Chisel son and the only Chisel sons are available from Select Sires!  Also in the wellness trait headlines, the new data shows we need to be looking at 7JE1547 DIEGO who is a top 4 DWP$ bull at Select Sires.
For more information

In conclusion, we have a lot of new developments headed our way.  Daughters are calving from JLS partnership bulls and genomic superstars alike.  Proof enhancements will add value to wellness trait leaders and the “old faithful” sires are still going strong!  There will be a lot of new data headed your way in April, so please stay tuned and make sure to digest it all as best you can.  With the combination of all our bulls and products available, you’ve never had a better stock of tools available at your fingertips to understand the business. 

Let’s continue to work together to grow and make the Jersey Revolution the industry standard.

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