Ten new Holstein graduates have joined the Select Sires active lineup. The group’s headliner, 7HO10606 De-Su OBSERVER-ET (VG-88), the first daughter-proven 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM) son in active A.I., comes in as the No. 1 GTPISM sire of the breed at +2332 GTPI. This exciting class includes four sires exceeding +2020 for GTPI, seven sires above +1,000 for Milk, six sires over +2.00 for Type, seven sires more than +2.00 for Feet and Leg Composite and two new Showcase Selections™ sires that are the top two new release sires for Type. OBSERVER leads the way. Not only does OBSERVER set the precedent for GTPI, he leads the Select Sires lineup in Net Merit (+$792), Fluid Merit (+$763) and Cheese Merit (+$825). His Net Merit leads the breed and exceeds his genomic prediction. This former No. 1 GTPI genomic young sire and worldwide father of sons transmits excellent production (+1,602 Milk) and Protein (+52 Protein, +.02% Protein) with highly reliable data from over 200 milking daughters. OBSERVER daughters have exceptional udders (+3.02 Udder Composite) and Type (+2.70 Type). He earns the HealthMark™ designation with an outstanding Productive Life (PL) of +7.2. At 6.0% DBH, OBSERVER is a calving ease specialist.

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