August 4, 2023 – The initial executive board of directors of Select Sires Member Cooperative is pleased to announce that Chris Sigurdson of Sartell, Minnesota has accepted the role of the first Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed cooperative. “We are very fortunate to have such a quality individual in Chris Sigurdson to be leading our new cooperative and he will have two great men, Devin Albrecht, current General Manager of Select Sires MidAmerica, and Rory White, current General Manager of All West/Select Sires, to lean on for guidance and assistance,” said Chad Steinberger, COBA/Select Sires President.

Select Sires Member Cooperative was formed when All West/Select Sires, COBA/Select Sires, Select Sires MidAmerica, and Minnesota/Select Sires recently voted unanimously to merge as one cooperative representing the Select Sires federation in 27 U.S. states and the country of Mexico.

Sigurdson will continue his role as the current General Manager, CEO of COBA/Select Sires and Minnesota/Select Sires until the new cooperative begins on October 1, 2023. Selecting a chief executive officer was Select Sires Member Cooperative’s first order of business. The board of directors and employees of the four cooperatives are now working together with Sigurdson’s guidance to create the business structure of this new cooperative. Sigurdson will be leading a team of over 300 business associates including employees, independent contractors and authorized distributors.

Sigurdson began his career as an A.I. technician and has been able to gain valuable experience in various sales, marketing, general management and leadership roles. He is no stranger to the Select Sires federation staff and employees supporting a variety of initiatives in both the beef and dairy sectors. He is also currently chair of the U.S. Federation of Cooperatives Manager group and as a result is serving on the Senior Leadership Team of Select Sires, Inc.

“Chris’s experience and passion for the genetic industry makes him an excellent choice for CEO of SSMC,” said Jim Barthel, Minnesota/Select Sires President. “With over 15 years at Minnesota/Select Sires, including the past 13 years of record semen sales, and his ability to find and retain the right talent for our team, he is a strong, proven leader.” Sigurdson looks forward to leading Select Sires Member Cooperative as one newly established farmer-owned-and-controlled cooperative, For The Members: By The Members.

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