Select Sires invites farmer-owners to visit the cooperative’s new website to access exciting news, sire announcements and the enhanced dairy sire search tool. The website has been refreshed with a modern design, improved functionality and responsive, mobile-friendly technology. Users can now view the website using a mobile device or tablet, as well as a desktop computer. The exciting new features and tools are all available at the same trusted web address,

“As a farmer-owned and farmer-led cooperative, Select Sires is dedicated to developing the tools and services that bring the most value to our customers,” said David Thorbahn, president and CEO of Select Sires, Inc. “Select Sires will always be a people-centric organization with a team approach service strategy, but our presence in the digital space has become increasingly important. We are excited to launch an improved website with new features that connect our farmer-owners with the industry’s best resources on a virtual platform.”

Click here to visit the website now!New features on the site include an updated sire search. The sire search has been redesigned with faster processing and an easier-to-use interface. Farmer-owners will still be able to filter and sort sires with a detailed list of criteria and export data in a format they choose. In addition to the new look, the search tool now offers a compare function that allows users to compare traits and industry indexes for a selected group of sires.

A new Discover section will be home to news, resources, expert advice and educational materials to help farmer-owners achieve genetic and reproductive goals for their herds. This section will also house Select Sires’ video library with customer interviews and commentary from sire analysts. For those looking to begin their career with Select Sires, the Careers tab will host job opportunities from across the nation and around the world. Filters specific to passion, role and location will ease the job search and put candidates in contact with the right people as soon as possible.

Click here to visit the website now!


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