7AN370 Signature is looking like the Angus bull that the breed has been waiting for. His sire, Kesslers Frontman  has been extremely popular over the past couple years—7An370 Boyd Signature is unique. Being the #1 $Beef son of Frontman at over $90, this bull garners the attention of cattlemen who are looking for OUTCROSS genetics on New Design, Objective, Ambush, Upward and other popular High $B sires.

Signature is a standout in the flesh. He is extremely good footed. He is rugged in his design and extremely dense bodied, plus super thick through his stifle. Something that makes him stand out from all other Frontman sons is that he is extremely long fronted and has plenty of angle to his shoulder—he is an attractive brute!

One of the great attributes to Signature that should not be overlooked, is his dam from the Erica Dianna Cow family. This is the same maternal lineage that raised the popular cowmaker Wulff’s EXT 6106. In fact, Signature’s bottom side of his pedigree traces back to the famed Wulffs Erica Dianna C116 twice. Maybe something that we overlook on our high $Beef sires is the maternal side or cow family that they hail from. This being known, Signature’s heritage promises that he can be a great cowmaker for any program!

Early reports show that this bull has thrown low BW calves that come quick and easy, but naturally we are still needing more proof. His first calves are jet black with lots of vigor. They seem to be growing extremely well and have the “look” that would make any cattleman proud.

Boyd Erica Dianna 9054

– #1 $Beef son of FRONTMAN
– +$90 of $Beef
– Top notch Cow Family
– Stout featured
– Perfect Feet
– Outcross Genetics

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