With never-ending tasks and all day, every day work schedules, every dairy producer could use a little coffee! 250HO14310 COFFEE will give your cattle the kick start they need to improve genetics in your herd.

All West Dairy Marketing Director, Tony De Mello commented, “While recently visiting herds for classifications, the COFFEE daughters have really stood out with their outstanding udders, great teat placement, and really strong ligament. They are very balanced with strength throughout and walk on a good set of feet and legs. He is one of our high fertility proven bulls who is plus on milk production and components. You can use him with extreme confidence in getting those hard settling cows bred and having some great daughters as a result!”

Dam of 250HO14310 COFFEE
Ocd Rubicon Caitlyn 4553-ET (EX-90-EX-MS-DOM)
Owner: Gordon & Jonathan Lamb & Jim, Oakfiled, NY

COFFEE is also designated as a Mastitis ResistantPRO sire and his genetics are available gender SELECTED SexedULTRA.

Contact your All West Representative to fill your tank with 250HO14310 COFFEE!

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