7HO10506 G W ATWOOD may be gone, but he is certainly not forgotten as many of his progeny have continued his legacy.

Most recently in All West Territory, APGambo Atwood Keenan was classified EX-95! Congratulations to her owners Alexandra Gambonini of Gamklake Dairy, Graisson and Mandy Schmidt of Grai-Rose Cattle Co. and Steve and Pat Maddox of Ruann and Maddox Dairy and to all involved in her success.

Grand Champion, Western Spring National 2019

Grand Champion, California Holstein Show 2019

Unanimous Junior All-American Jr. Three Year Old, 2017

Intermediate and HM Grand Champion, International Jr. Holstein Show 2017

Alexandra Gambonini shared, “When I started showing 14 years ago, I always dreamed of winning a class at the county fair. After years and years of working hard on breeding our cows to new show bulls, we finally were able to show at the California State Show. With that being said, I never could have imagined I would have a cow win a class at State Show, show at Expo, or become a committee cow. Today, the cow I bred and showed as a two-year-old my last year of 4-H classified EX-95. I am so thankful and honored for this accomplishment.

Thank you to all of the people who have helped us along the way: John Cunningham, Lucas Deniz, Jessica McIsaac, Joe and Amber Price, Allyn Paulson, and Adam Slutz. The biggest thank you of all goes to my partners Graisson and Mandy Schmidt and Steve and Patrick and Maddox. You guys have been the most generous people and we are so thankful you picked out that black junior three-year-old at Madison almost three years ago.”

Keenan is pictured above with her owners, including Alex and her father Frank Gambonini of Gamlake Dairy in Petaluma, CA. Frank has served as the All West/Select Sires District 21 Delegate for several years.

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