All West customers must be on Santa’s “Nice” list because we have a new young sire to deliver to your herds just in time for the holidays! 7HO16387 HANX-P is a 7HO15325 HANANS son, who is A2A2 with BB kappa-casein and is designated as a Showcase sire. He is the perfect package of a stacked pedigree, impressive production with Milk at +862, Protein at +42 and Fat at +71 and beautiful type at +2900 Genomic Total Performance Index (GTPI), +3.53 Type, +2.94 Udder Composite (UDC), and +1.54 Feet and Leg Composite (FLC).

Siemers Doc Hanan 28286-ET (EX-92)
Owner: Ndira, Inc. Fbo 9005532, Galt, CA

All West Dairy Marketing Director Tony De Mello said, “I love the balance of Hanans progeny, including this bull who comes from a line of impressive females, too. His grandam is the great Siemers Doc Hanan 28286-ET (EX-92-EX-MS), pictured above, who is a sister to HANCOCK and HANDSOME. The next dam is the Very Good-85 Siemers Monterey Hanan-ET, who was lost as a young two-year-old and has some impressive, high-scoring full sisters. The dam of HANX-P is Siemers Lstr Hanan 3317-ET. She just scored VG-87 VG-MS last week and was pictured at that time, as shown below.”

Siemers Lstr Hanan 33317-ET
Scored VG-87 VG-MS in November 2022
Photos by: Danae Sheppelman, Farmgirl Photography

“This is a bull that you can use either in the show ring or in your commercial herd. He is going to make solid, long-lasting cows with Productive Life (PL) at +3.4 with good production and components and strong type. I look forward to seeing calves on the ground sired by this bull,” said Tony.

HANX-P semen has been ordered and should be on its way to All West Territory now, just in time for you to start using in December! Contact your All West Sale Representative to get this perfect present delivered to your semen tank by Christmas.

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