Bred in the heart of All West Territory, 7JE1831 ENSIGN is the No. 1 DWP$ and the No. 1 WT$ bull in the breed! He is a son of 7JE1617 KIAWA and is backed by 9 Very Good or Excellent dams, including his dam Ahlem Disco Electra 51788 (VG-84%), pictured below. With a Breed Base Representation (BBR) of 100, he’s also an A2A2 sire with a +2.3 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR).

Ahlem Disco Electra 51788-ET (VG-84%) Camille Herrera, Hilmar, CA

β€œ7JE1831 ENSIGN has the ideal type to be used on 7JE5004 CHROME daughters.” – Brad Barham, Premier Select Sires Regional Sales Manager (Former All West/Select Sires Sales Support Manager)

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