The Egyptian god, Horus, represented well-being, healing, and protection… all things you would wish upon your herd today. All West can grant your wish by providing you genetics from 7JE1997 HORUS!

Bred in All West Territory by C & S Livestock in Hilmar, CA, this young sire is the only 7JE1788 JX HEIST {6} son available for artificial insemination today!

Select Sires Jersey Sire Analyst Herby Lutz commented, “Not only does HORUS have an amazing Jersey Udder Index (JUI) of +12.6, the fore udder attachments are strong at 2.40. Another unique trait is his Calf Wellness Index (CW$) at +$16 and his individual Zoetis Wellness traits, all around 100.”

7JE1997 HORUS is also an A2A2 sire with the FeedPRO designation.


We have plenty of 7JE1997 HORUS in our tank!

Contact your All West/Select Sires Representative to get some put in yours!

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