Besides cooler weather, there is much to look forward to this fall season. The two exciting sires described below will be released by Select Sires Inc.! Read on to learn more about them.


250HO12961 DOC daughter, S-S-I DOC Have Not 8784 (EX-94 96-MS) sold for $1,925,000 at the Summer Selections Sale II in Wisconsin this month. Learn more about her here. One of her sons, 7HO16295 HAS IT ALL, sired by 7HO15085 PARFECT, is set to be released this fall – stay tuned! Watch the sale video, provided by Cowsmopolitan, here.

Her oldest daughter, S-S-I Jacoby Bad Habit (pictured below), is owned by All West Executive Committee Member Johnny Machado & Ryan Matheron here in All West Territory! This two-year-old, scored VG-85 MS-86, is sired by 250HO15349 JACOBI. She currently pregnant to 7HO15793 PEARCE.

Ryan commented, “This young cow puts together everything we love about the Holstein breed. To say that we are excited about her is an understatement! We believe this family is going to leave a very impressive mark on the Holstein breed!”



Hil-Port Doubleshot-ET is the full brother to the heifers below, and the #1 PTAT 7HO15085 PARFECT son in the breed at +3.47 Type, +2.49 UDC, +1.63 FLC, and +2672 GTPI! Bred by George Coast Jr. of Hil-Port Holsteins in Ceres, CA, we are excited to see what this All West Territory bull does for the Holstein breed in the future.

#1 PTAT Parfect of the Breed
Parfect x Artist Dymond x Doc Dymond x Doorman Diamond x Atwood Diamond
+4.30T, +2.86UDC, +2.34FLC, +2745GTPI
+561M, +85CFP, -0.6DPR, 2.78SCS, +2.4 Mastitis

#2 PTAT Parfect of the Breed | 4th Winter Calf, CA State Show 2022
Parfect x Artist Dymond x Doc Dymond x Doorman Diamond x Atwood Diamond
+3.90T, +2.84UDC, +1.90FLC, +2605GTPI
+750M, +75CFP, -1.9DPR, 2.85SCS, +1.2 Mastitis

Below is a photo of their grandmother, Agresti Doc DYMOND-ET (EX-91)

#8 PTAT Cow of the Breed at +4.09 Type
3 daughters over +3.0 Type sired by Undenied, Moovin & Luster-P
Pregnancies by Pearce, Hullabaloo, Lionel & Pazzle

Be sure to stay tuned in the fall season and contact your All West Representative to order these two special bulls when they are available!

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