Every straw counts…no matter the weather! But in the summertime, it makes even MORE sense to have as many advantages as you can when getting cows pregnant.  There’s a lot of discussion around fertility, and traits like SCR (sire conception rate) and DPR (daughter pregnancy rate) are often in the center of those conversations.  While DPR gives you a measurement that impacts your herd two years from now, SCR rankings impact what you do every day when inseminating cows/heifers.  We once came across an estimate on a 500-cow herd that was using below average bulls for SCR.  Because they weren’t using bulls that were above average for SCR, it was thought they were losing a minimum of $35,000 per year (considering the cost of days open, more semen cost, more labor and more calves per year).  While that number seems extreme, we can all admit that there is some substantial loss when using lower SCR bulls simply on the number of days open.

So why not stack the deck in your favor?

The following charts show that one call to All West can significantly increase the odds of getting cows pregnant….and we’ve got an industry leading lineup of bulls to boot!

When hot weather hits and every breeding is more critical than ever, look to the leading source of SCR bulls.  Stack the deck with All West!

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