“7AN528 GROWTH FUND has proven himself in countless programs from coast to coast and border to border to be one of the breed’s all-time greats with his sons topping sale after sale. Joining other purebred programs as well as being in strong demand by the industry’s top commercial operations – with proven predictable performance and nearly 10,000 weaning records recorded in over 1,100 programs, he has earned a progeny weaning ratio of 102. With over 5,000 progeny records reported in 624 herds he has an average yearling ratio of 103. In addition to the power and performance that GROWTH FUND transmits, his maternal superiority is also well-documented. His daughters offer beautiful udders and now with nearly 1,000 daughters in production in 336 different herds. They have a combined weaning record of WR 1,121 at 102!”Deer Valley Farm


  • GROWTH FUND defies the odds in terms of genetic merit.
  • His impeccable EPD profile provides modest Calving Ease with off the charts growth and end product values. He ranks among the Angus breed’s most elite 1 percent for WW, YW, CW, $W, $F and $B.
  • His powerful dam is backed by the Select Sires cornerstone sires of WEIGH UP and 5050 and his third dam is the legendary 614 cow. Angus royalty that have proven to add performance and value year after year.
  • It’s rare to find a bull that captures one’s eye on paper and in the pasture. GROWTH FUND is a structurally sound, moderate-framed bull with a powerful hip and rear leg. He exhibits extra neck extension, a smooth shoulder and is wide topped and wide-based with muscle expression and depth of body.
  • Want to increase your assets? Invest in GROWTH FUND.
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