You may want to consider the benefits of synchronization and artificial insemination. How is this achievable you ask? Synchronization allows every cow an opportunity to conceive on the first day of the breeding season, and the cows that miss will have the chance to settle in 21 or 42 days following synchronization. Wow, three chances to get bred in 42 days. Yes and better yet, with a 55 percent conception rate on first and second service, you only have 75 cows left to get pregnant in the second month of the breeding season.

You ask why the financial risk? Does it pay? Let’s discuss the logistics of implementing this aggressive program. If you are starting into an artificial insemination program for the first time with your cows, you need to be ready to commit for the long run. The results will become very evident by year four and five when your young cows are comprised of the early born heifers resulting from synchronization. And if your goal is to cut your calving season down to 45 days you will have to make tough culling and marketing decisions. 

Our goal at All West/Select Sires is to make our customers more profitable through the process of artificial insemination. With years of research and discipline, we offer a broad spectrum of genetics from carcass oriented sires to phenotype and function. But what sets us apart is the people we have out there serving you because at Select Sires, your success is truly our passion. To learn more about our services, contact your local All West Beef Representative!

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