With industry-leading GTPI®, elite new graduates and high-ranking Net Merit (NM$) sires, the August 2018 sire summary results show Select Sires’ continued commitment to meet the genetic demands of customer-owners. The daughter-proven offering continues to strengthen, lead multiple indexes and add genetic diversity to the lineup.

Seventeen of the industry’s top-50 GTPI sires carry Select Sires’ 07 stud code, with 7HO12266 YODER (+2730) ranking No. 6 and 7HO13250 JEDI (+2729) No. 7. Eight of Select Sires’ nine new graduates are over +2500 GTPI, including: 250HO13267 DUKE (+2710), 7HO12602 HANG-TIME (+2631), 7HO12449 MARTY (+2595), 7HO12601 FRANCHISE (+2566) and 7HO12569 HEISENBERG (+2564).

Once again, Select Sires dominates Holstein Association’s 97 percent Reliability listing with more high-ranking sires than any other stud. YODER, 7HO11621 MAYFLOWER (+2599) and 7HO12165 MONTROSS (+2597) rank among the top-five sires for GTPI on the high reliability sire list.

YODER (+904), 7HO11985 TETRIS (+841) and 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE (+841) rank among the breed’s top-10 proven sires for NM$. In total, Select Sires’ lineup offers 25 daughter-proven sires over +720 NM$. New graduates DUKE (+831), MARTY (+759), HANG-TIME (+752) and 7HO13251 JETT (+732) are among this impressive grouping.

If production traits are the focus, MONTROSS (+2,773M), MAYFLOWER (+2,627M) and 7HO12418 SPARK (+2,574M) continue to show their strength with extreme milk yield numbers. Leading Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) pounds is DUKE (+192), 7HO12255 PETERPAN (+179), MARTY (+172) and 7HO12256 MAGUIRE (+169).

Healthy Herd, Healthy Profits

Improve the health of your herd and turn up profits by adding the Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®) to your selection criteria. Select Sires’ quality and quantity of DWP$ leaders is unmatched. Ranking No. 2 in the breed is new graduate 7HO12556 PAGEONE (+1,043 DWP$), a Jacey son from Bacon-Hill Mogul Paige-ET (EX-90-EX-MS-DOM). Also ranking extremely well for DWP$ is TETRIS (+981), 7HO13195 PROFIT (+973), 7HO11708 ROOKIE (+921) and 7HO11833 RENNIE (+890). Offering mega production values combined with elite DWP$ are MAYFLOWER (+870) and SPARK (+848).

Using a combination of the Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®) and Calf Wellness IndexTM (CW$TM) through CLARIFIDE® Plus genomic testing, Select Sires identifies sires excelling in these traits as WellnessPRO® sires. In addition to WellnessPRO leaders like PAGEONE, PROFIT and ROOKIE, Select has stamped 7HO11169 PETRONE (+778 DWP$, +48 CW$, +164 WT$) and 7HO12472 ALCO (+755 DWP$, +14 CW$, +151 WT$) with WellnessPRO logos.

Fertility Leaders

For the best selection of sires that excel in both conventional and sexed-semen fertility, customer-owners can depend on Select Sires. There are 27 sires in Select’s lineup at or above +1.5 SCR, ensuring a highly fertile sire for any dairy producer’s genetic goals. YODER (+2.8 SCR), JEDI (+2.2), 7HO12600 MODESTY (+2.2) and DUKE (+2.1) represent an incredibly elite selection of sires above +800 NM$ and +2600 GTPI coupled with elite SCR values. Also leading the proven lineup with chart-topping SCR values are 250HO1131 SALT (+2.9), 7HO12248 SUPERIOR (+2.7), 7HO10506 G W ATWOOD (+2.7), 7HO12115 DECEIVER (+2.6) and 7HO12095 MALLINGER (+2.4).

The Elite Sexed FertilityTM designation was introduced in April and identifies sires with the highest fertility sex-sorted semen. High-ranking sires like YODER, MODESTY, PROFIT, 7HO11383 MORGAN and SUPERSIRE are among the extensive offering of sires that carry this designation. New graduates HEISENBERG and 7HO12587 DIAMONDBACK also qualify to join this innovative lineup.

Topping Type

With G W ATWOOD (+3.64 PTAT, +2.52 UDC, +2.67 FLC) and 7HO11596 DEFIANT (+3.55 PTAT, +2.48 UDC, +1.62 FLC) leading the charge, Select Sires continues to be an unrivaled source for elite Type. DIAMONDBACK (+3.22 PTAT, +2.74 UDC, +2.27 FLC) makes his debut to the proven lineup as No. 17 among the breed’s top Type sires. Backed by seven generations of Excellent cows, this Doorman son traces back to the one and only Apple family and has already sired numerous All-Americans. Also adding value and strength to Select’s esteemed Showcase SelectionsTM lineup are 7HO12353 BEEMER (+3.35 PTAT) and 7HO12042 CORVETTE (+2.80 PTAT).

In addition to the Showcase Selections lineup, Select Sires is the source for well-balanced sires that improve the next generation’s functional Type traits. New graduate 7HO12351 CARNEY is a 7HO11547 SHAN son that improves overall health and fitness traits with elite +3.04 PTAT and +3.64 UDC. 7HO12198 KINGBOY continues to excel in this area, at +3.13 PTAT and +2.57 UDC while maintaining high production and component yields. For those looking for superior Red genetics, 7HO12344 RAGER-Red is the complete package—extreme GTPI (+2578), high PTAT (+2.45), coupled with favorable wellness and production trait values.

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