Do you ever have one of those moments when you truly get the “A-ha” feeling?  I had “the A-ha” this past week as I was putting together details for our All West Spring Sales Conference.  At the end of every April, we get some of the team together to talk about proofs, do some team building, find out about new products, get updates from Select Sires…you get the picture.  Because of our large geographical spread, we try to rotate the location of the meeting, so that the same people aren’t traveling far every year.  And of course, that means that we work with a brand new hotel and staff every year.

It’s a relatively simple meeting from a hotel’s point of view.  The time frame is just a day and a half, breakfast on their own, one lunch, one dinner, one meeting room.  Simple, right?  That’s what I thought, but in our new location this year, we’re working with a hotel that has one expert contact for every part of the meeting.  I’m working with one person for the meals, another person who handles the AV equipment, a third person for the rooming list, and a brand new person (I just heard from today) that’s helping with an afternoon activity we have planned.  At one point during my correspondence with the catering lady, I had a momentary flash of frustration, and wanted to shout out – Why can’t I work with one person, period?!

Insert the A-ha moment here.

This is what we’re asking YOU to do.  We have a great team in place that serves the west coast better than any other A.I. company.  We’ve got experts in the field of reproductive services, herd management, linear evaluations, and more!  We’ve got a communications team, a certified technician team, we’ve got managers, and product experts.

You might be thinking, why can’t I work with one person, period…right?!

That’s where the cool part took shape in my brain.  When I was working with the hotel, every different person I came in contact with had a different signature on their logo.  While I assumed they should all be Sheraton employees, most of them worked for different companies that were subcontracted by Sheraton.  And because they were different, they didn’t communicate with each other.  The end result was that I had to tell my story and re-state my requests every single time, to every single person.

You might remember our advertising theme from 2017, which was “We are ONE All West.”  We work for the same company.  We work together in groups, in person.  We have one mission and one purpose.  When we bring a team of experts to your dairy, most of the time we come together, but if not, we have a customer service file system where employees make notes about their visits/conversations so that everyone else who works with that customer is in the loop.

We never want customers (or each other!) to feel confused or frustrated.  Rather, we’re striving to bring all our collective talents together to benefit each and every producer.  That includes SRS and SMS specialists, ProTECH technicians, salesmen with years of experience, an outstanding office staff, and key outside influencers that add value to your herd.  It’s a big process, but one that produces big results in your favor.

As we chug through this economy and head into the bright light of spring, we hope that you are energized by the fact that there’s no “I” in the All West team.  We are ONE, working with you and for you, to make your own “meeting planning” experience a smooth one!  Where you find one member of All West, you’ll find us all!

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