Below are Select Sires Beef’s best-selling bulls throughout the federation for the year, as of August 2020.

#1 – 7AN466 RAINFALL

“RAINFALL was Select Sires Beef’s number one bull for sales this Spring. When you look at the calving ease, phenotype, and maternal strength that he offers and then combine it with the end product value, I think that is what has made him extremely popular. He has those doability traits that we hope to expect out of our bulls in terms of calving ease, feet, docility, and heifer pregnancy. RAINFALL is siring length, soundness and unmistakable herd bull presence in his sons, while his daughters offer an elegant maternal package.

We were able to see RAINFALL recently at the bull stud where his semen production is good. He’s very attractive, moderate in his frame just like his sire, and is very good from a depth of rib standpoint and muscle standpoint. RAINFALL is the sire for customers who want a calving ease bull who will add phenotype and maternal value and keep the marbling in the end product.”

– Select Sires Beef Sire Analyst Jon Herrick

#2 – 7AN580 HOME TOWN

“HOME TOWN has never missed passing a collection of semen for us this year. He’s been amazing! He makes a lot of high-quality semen and he is exactly what he was bred to be from the Gardiner Angus Ranch program. He has a moderate frame, balanced traits, lots of carcass merit, attractive phenotype and he does lots of special things.

We recently visited him at the bull stud and one of my favorite parts of HOME TOWN is his size. We know that Angus have done a great job at advancing growth and advancing performance, but along with that, they’ve also advanced some frame size. HOME TOWN does a lot of those things that people are trying to get to in a very attractive way, but he does it with a moderate frame size. To top it off, he’s our number one $C bull.”

– Select Sires VP Beef Program and Product Manager, Brian House

#3 – 14AN502 TAHOE

“TAHOE has a phenomenal mother and his cow family are the best cows you will find at Tehama Angus Ranch in Gerber, CA. This bull is becoming so popular because he just does so many things right. He does a great job siring both sexes. The sons are very desirable to commercial cattlemen. They are many times calving ease bulls and have muscle, depth of body, and substance to them, yet they still have great EPD profiles.

The most outstanding thing about this bull is the daughters that he is producing. He is acceptable to use on heifers. We have been calving some first calf heifers to TAHOE and they’re certainly calving ease. I have seen a lot of mid-60’s to low 70’s birth weights on his calves and the best part is, although they are small, they are aggressive and have been getting up and nursing very quickly! TAHOE daughters in production are right-sized, with close to perfect udders and the ability to breed back.

To find all of those traits in one bull is incredible, and to top it off he’s a high-ranking marbling bull and ranks in the top 1% of the breed for both $M and $W.”

– Select Sires Beef Sire Analyst Joe Myers

#4 – 7AN368 COMRADE

“Being a ten-year-old bull and also still one of Select Sires’ sales leaders is a testament to COMRADE’s usefulness as a highly proven calving ease bull. He has seen heavy use in our large herds that have limited labor and feed resources throughout the west. Many of these ranches calve there heifers outside on their own. I’ve been told the calves are small with excellent vigor. He’s also appreciated for his moderate growth and frame size that translates into cows that can thrive in our high desert environment. The fact that he is above average for Ribeye Area (REA) and Marbling makes him a great all-around useful sire.”

– All West/Select Sires Beef Program Manager, Morgan Johnsrud


#5 – 7AN389 SURE FIRE

“SURE FIRE continues to attract commercial cattleman in the west. His convenience traits of sleep all night calving ease and calf vigor is held in high regard. Yet his contributions to the business reaches far beyond the scope of a large project heifer bull. Longevity traits like udder quality and disposition are allowing his daughters to impact the cow herds. Those supply chain bond steers and heifers allow integrated direction of carcass quality that is fitting to many of the grid based systems and specialized marketing programs of the west. He is a catch all sire in his sixth year of service and going strong with proven worth.”

 – All West/Select Sires Beef Large Herd Specialist, Clint Sexson

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