The most intriguing young sire to enter A.I. this year. GROWTH FUND defies the odds in terms of genetic merit. His impeccable EPD profile provides modest Calving Ease with off the charts growth and end product values. He ranks among the Angus breed’s most elite 1 percent for WW, YW, CW, $W, $F and $B. His powerful dam is backed by the Select Sires cornerstone sires of WEIGH UP and 5050 and his third dam is the legendary 614 cow. Angus royalty that have proven to add performance and value year after year. It’s rare to find a bull that captures one’s eye on paper and in the pasture. GROWTH FUND is a structurally sound, moderate-framed bull with a powerful hip and rear leg. He exhibits extra neck extension, a smooth shoulder and is wide topped and wide-based with muscle expression and depth of body.

7AN510 E W A PEYTON 642
This genomic champion ranks in the top 10 percent or higher for an astounding 15 traits and indexes. Peyton pushes the envelope for WW growth and carcass merit while offering benefits for DOC, HP and CEM. Built from a lineage of breed leaders, PEYTON’s genetic offering will truly change cattle.

Blaze a new trail with one of the most elite numbered young sires in the breed. Trailblazer combines a breed-leading, no-holes EPD profile with a powerful phenotype and added eye-appeal. He has exciting mating flexibility with a different twist on the bottom sire of his pedigree. He does it all with his maternal predictions for DOC, HP and CEM with moderate milk.

7AN468 S A V ANCESTRY 6090
A standout from the 2017 Schaff Anguus Valley bull sale. Ancestry is selected for his high-quality phenotype and depth of pedigree. He is bred to boost performance and functional cow traits.

One of the breed’s most elite growth sires while keeping BW in check. BLACKHAWK will add frame size, performance, body length and stoutness. He offers strong maternal qualities too, ranking in the top 1 percent for $W with elite SC, DOC and HP. BLACKHAWK will sire scale-crushing feeder cattle and high-quality, maternal, strong daughters.

WALL STREET is a true beef bull with tremendous depth of body and thickness throughout. He offers excellent weaning and yearling performance with exceptional $Value. His dam stacks two of the all-time leading, curve-bending A.I. sires from the Select Sires lineup with Weigh Up and GAR New Design 5050. Wallstreet has powerful phenotype, breed-leading growth with extra Marbling and $Value indexes. He is a masculine young sire that captures your attention from every angle.

If you’re serious about making money in the cattle business Bonfire is your bull! BONFIRE’s pedigree is a who’s who of bulls that have made their mark on carcass quality. His projections for traits of merit are incredible and his Method Indexes are high!

ENTICE is wide-based, long-bodied with exceptional depth of rib and thickness. He offers a very pleasing phenotype in a growth oriented mid six frame score. He does very well from a carcass standpoint and has a 4.94 IMF score with a ratio of 118 and a ribeye measurement of 17.0″ with a ratio of 114. He has a good disposition, which is validated by his score of 1 on the 50K test for Docility.

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