On Left: World-famous VALENTINO daughter, Brookbora Valentino Fair Mavis (E-93%) was grand champion at the Central Gippsland Jersey Fair in 2019 and is owned by Brookbora PTY LTD.

On right: 7JE1038 All Lynns Louie VALENTINO joins the half million club as the first Jersey sire to achieve this impressive milestone.

In 2017, 7JE1038 VALENTINO surpassed 7JE590 ACTION as Select Sires’ No. 1 lifetime sales Jersey sire. Just 38 months later and at 12-years-of-age, VALENTINO adds another milestone to his record as Select Sires’ first Jersey sire to sell a half million units with 500,261 lifetime sales.

Historical significance

“VALENTINO has defined the Jersey Revolution,” says Herby Lutz. “He started out as a genomic rock star, at the top of the lists. Then his daughters calved in and the daughter data proved genomics were right and it helped Jersey breeders adopt the new technology.”

Herby Lutz has traveled around the world as Select Sires’ Jersey development manager. He has seen VALENTINO daughters on five different continents and talked with countless producers about their performance. “VALENTINO daughters are known to be tall and strong with a lot of dairyness. They are cows with fantastic fore udders and outstanding height and width to their rear udders,” says Lutz. “He’s just a bull that is so balanced in what he creates, and the daughters are stamped. You can pick them out as you walk behind them—you know they are VALENTINO daughters.”

VALENTINO’s pedigree tells a unique story, with American Jersey Cattle Association Master Breeders David Allen and Donald and Elsa Sherman playing key roles. In 2006, Allen purchased VALENTINO’s dam, D&E Paramount Violet (E-90%) from the Shermans and in January 2010, five of her sons ranked among the top-10 Jersey Performance IndexTM (JPITM) young sires with VALENTINO holding the No. 1 spot.

As a popular young sire, VALENTINO quickly became a household name for Jersey breeders around the globe. He graduated into the proven lineup in 2012 as the No. 5 GJPI and No. 2 Type sire. Since then, he has consistently ranked high on industry lists and is known for siring beautiful, balanced and profitable daughters. Excitement for VALENTINO genetics has never stalled and his most recent sales rank him as the top-six sire for Jersey sales.

Influence and impact

VALENTINO’s progeny, both sons and daughters, have earned impressive accolades. Records from the American Jersey Cattle Association show that 93 daughters have scored

E-92% or higher with three outstanding daughters classified E-95%. VALENTINO daughters have made headlines in show arenas around the world as cows like Brookbora Valentino Fair Mavis (E-93%) and LC Valentino Clover (E-94%) have earned blue ribbons and purple banners. Jars of Clay Valentino Bridget-P (E-91%) was a highly influential VALENTINO brood cow and the dam of 7JE1294 BARNABAS.

Sons like 7JE1163 IRWIN, 7JE1219 OLIVER-P and 7JE1274 AXIS have been tremendously successful at creating the next generation of profitable Jersey cattle. To date, VALENTINO’s proof includes 19,898 daughters from 2,226 herds and he remains a top-50 sire for PTAT at +1.2 and +6.8 Jersey Udder IndexTM (JUITM).

It takes a team

Select Sires is thrilled to announce this milestone for VALENTINO and congratulate the Allen family on this well-deserved accomplishment. “I can’t believe how fortunate I was to acquire a cow like VALENTINO’s mother, the Violet cow,” says David Allen. “I am just tickled to death that we had the opportunity to breed VALENTINO and the experience has been really gratifying.”

In addition to VALENTINO’s breeders, Select Sires extends sincere gratitude to the many team members who have contributed to this accomplishment, including production staff that provide top-notch care each day to maintain VALENTINO’s health and wellbeing.

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