The 27th Annual Washington Cattlemen’s bull test sale is fast approaching and the bulls are looking good! Ultra sounding and semen testing have been completed and end of test results are available.  All West/Select Sires continues to highlight cooperative members and seed stock producers that offer superior genetics year in and year out. Below are listed the sires that have been used in customer/owner herds and will advance your goals in your herd as well.  Bring your appetites and a smile to the Bonina Ranch on March 18th at noon.
Sire of Lot 446

Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36’s most unique son offers as much BW to WW spread as any bull in the breed with a MH EPD of a moderate +0.1! LEGENDARY is moderate in size, big-hipped and super sound with tons of eye-appeal and added muscle. He will add end-product merit while improving Heifer Pregnancy with the dam side of his pedigree offering strong maternal genetics and moderate mature size. His first calf crop came light and has tremendous early growth.

Sire of Lots: 404 SOLD FOR $6000, 412, 413 SOLD FOR $7000, 438, 442, 444, 452, 467 
Acclaim  is the breed’s new leader for $Beef while offering calving ease, exceptional performance, carcass merit and maternal strength. Nick Jindra describes him as, “long, thick, deep and just flat good. He’s a favorite all of the way around.” His first calf dam is a beautiful Impression daughter with a great udder. Acclaim will lead the next generation of high performance sires.


Sire of Lots: 454, 455, 459, 470 474 SOLD FOR $6250 
Comrade’s reputation for proven Calving Ease genetics and useful females have made him a household name from coast-to-coast. With COMRADE, you’ve made the right choice, our all-time high-selling beef bull, and he adds to his record each year! Daughters are right-sized, possess a super udder design and mature into beautiful cows.


Sire of Lots: 456, 458 SOLD FOR $8000, 461 
FLAT TOP is a highly used young sire who keeps building exceptional data. A dependable Calving Ease sire who consistently delivers exceptional growth and eye-catching phenotype. Black Granite’s stoutest and best phenotype son. He exceeds his sire for frame size and length of body; impressive to all that have seen him. Maternal strength is braided into his pedigree; his dam consistently transmits exceptional phenotype while backing it up with stellar production records. Excellent mating choice to reduce birth weight, correct structure and increase phenotype without sacrificing growth.


Sire of Lot 422 SOLD FOR $6500 
PLAYBOOK calves have risen to the top of calf crops across the country. They are quiet-tempered, deep-bodied, structurally correct cattle with exceptional eye-appeal and performance. PLAYBOOK is stout, smooth and big-middled with lots of base width and muscle expression. Easy to view and easy to use. A breed leader for $Weaning, Docility and Milk. A proven low birth weight, Calving Ease sire who does not sacrifice body dimension or growth. Works extremely well on WEIGH UP, PROPHET, FORTRESS and TEN X descendants.


Sire of Lots 407, 408
One of the most highly proven spread bulls in the Angus breed, FORTRESS calves come easy, have great vigor and grow exceptionally well. A $Weaning trait leader who breeds profit into cattle at all stages of their life.
His first daughters in production are deep-bodied, broody females with nice udder design. His sons are high-volume, easy-fleshing and fast-gaining. They have topped sales across the U.S. and are well accepted in both the purebred and commercial sectors. Use FORTRESS with confidence; he delivers positive results every time.


Sire of Lot 462

BRONC has joined the ranks of a proven Calving Ease and spread bulls. He has been one of our top-selling bulls due to customer satisfaction and repeat business. His calves are born easily with extra vigor and grow rapidly with extra style and balance. BRONC exceeds his sire for frame size and captures your attention from every angle. His dam is one of the most prolific, high impact donors in the Angus breed and she stems from the legendary, stud bull producing, Isabel cow family.

Sire of Lot 472
Tahoe is an exciting new calving ease sire with explosive growth and he currently has over 100 progeny with ratios of 95 BW and 102 WW. In addition, he has nearly 50 progeny with ratios of 102 YW, 108 IMF and 104 REA. Few sires can match his combination of calving ease, performance, maternal traits and carcass merit. His dam has a weaning ratio of 108 and his grand dam is a donor at Tehama Angus Ranch.

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