The past year has come with great change for both the artificial insemination industry as a whole and for the All West Family, specifically as we have navigated many legendary retirements from our team. Many of these retirements have resulted in changing the roles of current team members to adapt and become more efficient as a farmer-owned cooperative. Several retirements have also allowed All West/Select Sires to start this new year with a new addition to our team!

Suzi Wilson will officially be joining the All West Family on February 7, 2022 as the All West/Select Sires Product Inventory Manager. Suzi’s main responsibility in this new role will be to order semen, supplies, and products for the All West/Select Sires California office and warehouse locations. Suzi will also work to assist member-owners by answering their questions and providing the best customer service experience possible. With careful consideration, Suzi was chosen to fulfill these very important tasks for All West and we are confident that she has the unique experience, vast knowledge, and friendly personality to assist you in working with your local cooperative.

All West General Manager/CEO Rory White is excited for both our team and our customers to have the opportunity to work with Suzi. “Suzi is already very familiar with many California herds due to her years of experience in this industry,” said Rory. “We are very fortunate that she has accepted our offer to serve our team and customers, and look forward to the potential that this new position has for our cooperative.”

If you are involved in the California dairy industry, you most likely already know Suzi’s friendly smile and signature red hair. She attended Modesto Junior College and went on to graduate from California State University, Fresno where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science with a focus on Dairy Science. Eager to enter the industry, she quickly accepted a position at Landmark Genetics as their Advertising Photo Coordinator and International Tour Specialist and has since held many important roles across the nation. Her decades of experience include working for several other companies in the A.I. industry, as well as our own Select Sires Inc. in Plain City, Ohio. In this role, Suzi was the Select Sires Inc. PGA Programs Specialist, spending most of her time in All West Territory where she collected and processed data of DNA for the Parentage Verification Project, and helped with taking daughter photos, coordinating Holstein SETS, and assisted with other cooperative functions when needed.

Suzi’s diverse roles in this industry have gained her experience in everything from halter breaking and fitting cattle, to processing, caning, and packaging bovine semen, to hosting tours and events, to collecting data, tracking inventories, and more!

“The All West Family has been a deeply-rooted family for many years in both the dairy and the beef cattle industry,” said Suzi. “I have always admired the extreme passion, dedication, and motivation of the hard-working people who work at All West/Select Sires. That why I am most excited to join the All West Family, who share the same passion as I do for their people and the customers they serve.”
When Suzi is not busy learning how she can best help her team members and the customers of All West/Select Sires, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, attending rodeos and riding their horses, as well as being the best aunt possible to her beloved nieces.

Suzi’s contagious smile, helpful demeanor, and desire to continue learning have already made her a great fit for the All West family and our cooperative culture. We are thankful to have a new team member who is just as excited about the new year as we are. With Suzi’s help, we can look forward not only to excellent support for our All West team in 2022, but also the best customer service for our California customers in the years to come! Welcome to the All West Family, Suzi!


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