We have already shared our extensive Spring 2021 Beef Sire Directory with you, but the best recommendations come from those who are filling semen tanks throughout All West Territory – our knowledgeable and dedicated All West Beef team members! Read on to learn what is in their tanks and the results they have been seeing from these sires in the field. Then, contact us to get these industry-leading genetics delivered to your ranch next!

“My role allows me to have many sires on hand in my tank at all times.  The go-to bulls I promote are primarily cow makers and calving ease specialists. 7AN466 RAINFALL, 14AN502 TAHOE, 7HP120 CUDA, 14HP1037 SMALL TOWN KID and 7SM80 WIDE RANGE are a few sires who are always in conversations as satisfactory balanced trait sires. The calving ease specialists usually include many familiar names like 7SM65 UNO MAS, 7AN389 SURE FIRE, 7AN368 COMRADE, 7AN351 CAPITALIST, or 7AN451 FLAT TOP.  For my long-time customers, I have been recommending bulls such as 7AN463 PLAYBOOK, 7AN525 COMPOUND, 7AR87 FRANCHISE, and 7HP120 CUDA. Most of these bulls have some proof and are backed with great customer satisfaction.”

– Clint Sexson, All West/Select Sires Beef Large Herd Specialist 

“We haven’t started calving season entirely up here in Montana, so it’s a bit early to compare progeny from our 2020 programs. However, the Spring 2021 Beef Sire Directory is online, so I have already begun looking at my recommendations for this upcoming breeding season.

I have used 7AN368 COMRADE extensively the past few years, so I’m considering 7AN525 COMPOUND to be used next in these herds. I believe he is going to turn out to be a bull that produces cattle just like Comrade. I visited with Art Burler from Spring Cove Angus Ranch last year and he said if they like the Comrades, they will really like the Compounds. 14AN502 TAHOE is another bull I have used a lot and will continue to do so where I can. The Tahoe heifers I bred last year were some of the most impressive cattle I have seen. 7AN466 RAINFALL is a bull I am very excited about! The progeny I have seen are stunning, and as the book says, offer “an elegant maternal package”.  7AN432 BANKROLL continues to impress me. His progeny have been selling well for one of my registered breeders. This breeder has also weaned the first 7AN464 UNIQUE calves I’ve seen and they stand out, while looking comparable to Tahoe progeny. 7AN388 NIAGARA has probably been my best choice for mature cows because he produces big-bodied females with good feet and his conception rate has been good. If high $EN is a concern, I’m considering 7AN600 WOLVERINE as an option.”

Marlin Beck, All West/Select Sires Beef Specialist 

“It just so happens that I did tank inventory this weekend and I know exactly what’s in my tank! I was also asked to think about what bulls I would probably be using this year that are my “go to” bulls, so I thought I would highlight a bull from each breed that I keep on hand.

In the Black Angus world, Werner Flat Top 4136 is my rock star. 7AN451 FLAT TOP checks so many things on my list. He has gained popularity with breeders who show cattle because of his fancy yet correct phenotype. He produces feminine, beautiful daughters and handsome bulls. But he isn’t just a pretty face! His EPD’s are solid and balanced. He has excellent marbling and good growth and carcass traits while still maintaining a strong calving ease score. Flat Top sons are easily picked out in the bull pen because of their long wide “top” and their correct confirmation. To put a cherry on top, his fertility has been outstanding in the projects I have used him in!


FLAT TOP yearling bull at Bar KD Ranch in Culver, Oregon.

In the Hereford breed, one of my favorites is KT Built Tuff 1010. 14HP1030 BUILT TUFF reminds me of the Herefords you used to see in the old Western movies, short and thick! His progeny will give you easy fleshing calves that can finish on grass, which is an important attribute in my area. The grass fed beef market is growing and we have to be watching for more of this type of bull.

In the Simmental canister, 14SM3101 FULL LOADED is the one I am most excited about. Again, the first thing you notice about him is his eye appeal. He is long, deep, and full of muscle, plus you have a beautiful front end on him and the flashy white face. He is also a Red Charlie gene carrier, which I think is a bonus, but I am partial because I have red Simmentals, too. Once again, he is not just a pretty face! He has calving ease, docility and excellent carcass traits. It’s hard to find a hole in this bull’s EPDs ! I wish I could show you some personal pictures of offspring, but they aren’t quite born yet!

If you haven’t noticed yet, a “go to bull” in my tank has to fit three categories: calving ease, carcass traits and phenotype. For Red Angus, Bieber CL Stockmarket E119 is my boy. 7AR86 STOCKMARKET started out a flashy young bull and has matured into a long bodied, correct bull with excellent feet. He has no worries calving ease without sacrificing growth or carcass traits, ranking in the top 5% for marbling. I think that marbling is one of the most important traits these days since more often producers are getting paid for marbling. Whether it’s in the feedlot or in a small grass fed operation, a well marbled steak is going to be what keeps people eating beef!”

– Adrienne Lulay, Independent Beef Sales Representative

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