Select Sires December proofs offers up 16 Holsteins, 5 Jerseys, 2 Brown Swiss and 1 Ayrshire. Wow! The bulk of the Holstein class is supported firmly by Mogul’s superior DNA. He and his sons are creating huge opportunities for our customers which will lead to even greater satisfaction.

MOGUL December graduates…
Mcgirt 2530 710 2023 130 1.62 1.35
Davinci 2515 701 858 128 2.21 2.21
Greenway 2429 609 1563 125 1.80 0.93
Mallinger 2426 639 1401 121 2.12 1.38
Butler 2545 745 1684 120 1.79 1.48
Pety 2518 633 1335 95 2.91 3.10
Reflector 2556 655 1390 89 2.14 1.47
Multiply 2511 716 229 83 1.44 2.17
Main Event 2493 624 590 77 2.20 2.27


Many new designation sires in this big class…

Designation # Graduates
FeedPRO 17
genderSELECTed 10
Calving Ease 11
Superior Settler 8
WellnessPRO 2
Showcase 2


And this happened… 7HO12165 Montross goes Walker, Texas Ranger on the GTPI list. Kicking down the door to the top spot. Select Sires holds spots #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #9, #10.

The Montross rise was also prevalent through his sons as a several gained over 70 TPI, including 7Ho13250 Jedi who holds our top spot for among Super Samplers. Our top GTPI December Super Samplers…

Super Sampler GTPI
7HO13250 Jedi 2891
7HO12600 Modesty 2872
250HO13267 Duke 2820
507HO12899 Slamdunk 2815
7HO12671 Bandares 2810
7HO13251 Jett 2803
507HO12897 Samuri 2802
7HO12787 King Royal 2771
507HO13373 Flagship 2767
7HO12611 Ferdinand 2757


See each new graduate below and watch for the complete breakdown in the upcoming days!


7HO11946 Midnight / Epic x Socrates x O Man High SCR Epic son that makes a great cross on Mogul, Montross & Bookem
7HO12014 Davinci / Mogul x Watson x O Man +3.1 SCR and with high components (+0.08 P%. +0.18 F%)

7HO12026 Greenway / Mogul x Planet x Shottle Mogul x Planet Montana x Shottle May = Customer success Maternal brother to 7Ho11567 Midland. Dam is full sister to 7Ho11283 Mayfield
7HO12095 Mallinger / Mogul x Planet x Shottle

Superior Settler with great overall Type and low calving ease (5.9%) Full brother to 7Ho12026 Greenway 7HO12105 Reflector / Mogul x Super x Ramos New to the top-10 TPI @ +2556 GTPI
7HO12111 Dragonheart / Epic x Planet x Elegant Needs little introduction – Superior Settler (+4.0 SCR) Epic brother to 7Ho11525 Donatello and 7Ho11524 Dante Genomic Type data only
7HO12139 Pety / Mogul x Explode x Mac Superb Mogul-style Type, low calving ease and 3.10 UDC Great mating sire for Supersire, Sterling and Mayflower daughters
7HO12198 Kingboy / Mccutchen x Super x Shottle Kingboy daughters make their debut and exceed all expectations Beautiful cows with solid production PLUS high fitness and WellnessPRO 7HO11899 Furious / Gold Chip x Boliver x Durham Gold Chip son transmitting positive production and +3.29 UDC 7HO12131 Mcgirt / Mogul x Domain x Shottle Calving Ease sire offering +2,033 Milk and +130 CFP
7HO12195 Butler / Mogul x Planet x Lynch Has what it takes to be the customer satisfaction kind +745 NM$, +1.79 T, +2.4 SCR, 6.0% SCE, 6.7 PL
7HO11915 Multiply / Mogul x Robust x Ramos Great sire for commercial settings  +880 DWP$, +2.0 SCR, -0.3 Stature, 6.4% SCE
7HO12042 Corvette / Gold Chip x Damion x Shottle

Tremendous Type (+2.98) from this Gold Chip son Showcase Selections with sexed-semen is available

250HO01066 Big Kahuna / Epic x Bolton x O Man Low calving ease, solid Type and easy-to-use pedigree
250HO01073 Anton / Epic x Man-O-Man x Goldwyn

+2241 GTPI, +2.13 T, +2.14 UDC, 6.4% SCE From the same maternal line as 7Ho10506 G W Atwood 250HO01127 Main Event / Mogul x Super x Shottle

+2493 GTPI, +2.2 SCR and superb health traits Type data is still genomic, but great word coming from the field

7JE1294 Barnabas / Topeka x Valentino x Venerable  As Herby said… “He’s talk of the town.” Big time sire with amazing daughters and favorable production His +3.1 SCR is amazing too! 7JE1331 Varick / Dimension x Academy x Legacy Dimension son transmitting +16.5 JUI and solid fitness
7JE1275 Demand / Visionary x Restore x Impuls FeedPRO time!
7JE1267 Deputy / Critic-P x Restore x Impuls +1,094 Milk, +83 CFP, +1.4 T, +12.5 JUI
7JE1332 Reno / Volcano x Maximum x Rasmus  Super Sampler favorite makes his proven debut!

7AY108 Raney / Calimero x L Heligo x Reno Excellent choice for 7Ay84 Burdette daughters

7BS866 Damian / Brookings x Premium x Denmark Superior Settler (+2.9 SCR) with awesome milk solids
7BS863 Seaman / Supreme x Wonderment x Jason  Showtime! – Showcase Selections sire

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