A Connealy Consensus 7229 son out of a G A R New Design 5050 daughter, Comrade continues to be one of the most distinctive Consensus sons we have encountered. Comrade is excellent footed with a deep heel and symmetrical toes. He is sensible in stature, with an angular shoulder, wide chest floor and expansive rib design. When you study him from behind, there are no compromises – Comrade is wide topped and wide tracking with a smooth and practical muscle pattern. Adding to his value is the gentle docility progressive stockmen demand out of a front pasture dam that anyone would be proud to own. If you’re looking for a balance of traits from one of the breed’s most respected programs, consider Connealy Comrade. One of our favorite up-and-coming sires because he integrates many genetic and phenotypic qualities. Comrade’s first calves are impressive. Reports indicate low birth weights, excellent calf vigor and rapid early growth with exceptional type. Extra length and extension for a 7229 son without compromising muscle expression and base width. Ratioed 149 for IMF and 110 for RE against 489 high level contemporaries. Produced from a picture perfect, exceptionally broody 5050 daughter with a great udder.

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