All/West Select Sires announces the addition of Mary Bieganski to the team as an A.I. Technician. Mary grew up in San Diego, CA, where she started working with horses at the age of 7. As her passion for animals grew she began attending a ranch camp where she gained experience working with all types of livestock. This ultimately led her to pursue a B.S. in Animal Veterinary Science from the University of Idaho.

As a recent graduate, Mary is thrilled to be starting her career with All West. “The community and camaraderie that Select Sires brings to its employees is great, and everyone is just so genuinely nice here!”

When Mary isn’t breeding cows, she enjoys a very active life in the outdoors, including hiking, fishing, camping, and shooting. She is also a very motivated member of a local crossfit gym. “I can’t think of a better environment to push yourself physically and mentally every day, as well as have a community that is just as excited for someone else’s accomplishments as they are their own.”

Mary started work with All West in mid-August and is based in Richland, WA.


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