Select Sires has become THE source for industry leading $Weaning bulls, an index that continues to gain traction with commercial cow/calf producers in their selection decisions.  The active Select Sires Angus lineup has 53 bulls that rank in the Top 10% of the breed for $Weaning. These sires represent a wide range of pedigrees, heifer and cow bulls, along with a range in mature size and milk to fit a variety of environments. We can help create more profitable cattle no matter the environment or breeding program. Download the $W Flyer Now

Weaning Weight EPDs:

Weaning weight EPDs are indicators of the genes for growth that will be passed from an animal to its progeny. Weaning weight EPDs predict the average difference in weaning weight of a bull’s progeny compared to progeny of another bull. This weaning weight difference is predicted for a standard weaning age of 205 days. This difference in weaning weight is attributed solely to differences in genes for growth passed from the bulls to their offspring. Rapid early growth is an important selection criteria for cow-calf producers since feeder cattle are sold by the pound.

Weaned Calf Value ($W)

Weaned Calf Value ($W), an index value expressed in dollars per head, is the expected average difference in future progeny performance for preweaning merit. $W includes both revenue and cost adjustments associated with differences in birth weight, weaning direct growth, maternal milk and mature cow size.


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