As we near the end of another year, All West/Select Sires & Select Sires Beef Large Herd Specialist, Clint Sexson, shares his thoughts with our cooperative’s member-owners.

The beef cow-calf business is very resilient and supports a healthy, balanced diet for the consumer. All West/Select Sires continues to be grateful for our customers and their confidence in our genetic contribution. We are always looking for ways to offer more efficiency and return for your genetic investment.

We are very pleased with the results of the 7 & 7 synchronization protocol and encourage customers to implement it for the added pregnancy benefit if their labor investment allows. The visual advantage of more standing heats is obvious and mutually beneficial in timed A.I. appointments. The resulting calving distribution is front loading the first 21 days of calving season with the extra advantage of numbers, quality, and uniformity. The protocol is not recommended for virgin heifers and we continue to advise the use of heifer approved protocols.

In the market, cattle offered with the health program and genetics are selling at a premium. The buyers continue to look for cattle who minimize risk and offer return on their investment. During recent travels and interaction with different segments of the business, there are a few constant messages from the feeders. Health and genetics continue to be the topic of discussion. One feeder quoted a cost of approximately $125.00 per head cost to pull and treat sick cattle in their system. With that said, they point out the significant advantage of long time weaning of calves. Some finishing lots are only accepting cattle with weaning of 100 days or greater at entry.

We are proud to collaborate with these partners and to be able to offer their special marketing channels to you.

The genetic window is at an exciting time for the beef business. Verification of the genetic potential of our product is in demand. There are price premiums paid for solidifying your selection decisions in the genetic pool. The opportunity to utilize DNA testing to add the additional description of the calves entering the market is very exciting.  Buyers are aware and paying premiums for the cattle with verification of the genetic potential of the maternal and paternal side of pedigree. A presumptive approach to tracking pedigrees will not be enough long term.  Verification of the traits of importance in the calf will be fitted in lock step with marketing objectives of the new ownership. At the cow-calf level, clarifying the parentage picture of the calf crop leads to defining the efficiency of the herd bull battery. Bulls with more libido and primarily fertility will be obvious. Management and guarantee of those bull’s value may be measured at a higher standard than any time in the past.

What a humbling year and a true honor it has been to serve the best member-owners of our cooperative and customers in the Angus business. Your selection of Select Sires as a trusted partner in Angus genetics speaks for itself and we thank you!

We received the top registration sires for the American Angus Association’s fiscal year earlier this week. Select Sires Beef had a very good day! We have three of the top five and eight of the top 20 bulls for registrations. That is a direct result of your mating decisions and trust in our product. The Select Sires bulls that made the Top 20 list are:


#4   7AN466 RAINFALL

#5   7AN580 HOME TOWN

#8   14AN461 ACCLAIM

#12 14AN502 TAHOE

#17 7AN388 NIAGARA

#19 7AN531 ENTICE


The focus on added value is ever-evolving and implementing the efficiency to maintain profitability are tugging at every sector of the business. All West/Select Sires feels fortunate to be a trusted advisor and we continue to be diligent in adding value to our customers product via genetics, marketing avenues, and data transfer.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions and allow us to help you plan and execute a successful A.I. program. We look forward to working with many of you in the upcoming breeding season and wish you all a very happy holiday season as we conclude 2021.

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